Lots of animal illustrations for Boden

Mouse t-shirt at Boden

Here are some animal illustrations of mine that are currently used in Boden’s Spring 2016 collection for teenage girls. It’s so fun seeing my work on t-shirts that are being modelled and styled. I was so excited to see the DOG PAJAMAS(!) too. How cute are they! 16 yr old size totally fits a size 10 ;)

Admittedly all the Boden kids clothes make me want a baby just to dress up… There are so many amazing cute patterns and designs, especially the little dinky dresses and rompers.
Check out the headdress hedgehog skinny fit t-shirt here.
dog pattern
Doggy pajama sets here and here.

My 2015 Beauty favourites

I love reading yearly round up lists so I thought I’d do my favourite beauty products that I tried and loved in 2015. I probably spent more money on beauty than clothes last year, and I’m telling myself it’s because I’m almost 27 I feel like I have to start making more effort with my skin and hair than ever before.
Basically I discovered loads of new products that I loved last year so here we go… (Sorry in advance if this makes you want to buy anything…! January, I know.)


1. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand balm – I feel like this hand cream gets a lot of ‘hype’, and a lot of instagram time. However, it is actually as good as it looks. My hands are really dry as I’m a bit obsessive about washing them… so I use a lot of hand cream. Out of all the ones I’ve ever tried, this one is by far the best (as well as L’occitane). The smell of this is just not like anything else, it’s really strong – very orange-y. You probably either love it or hate it but it’s a firm favourite for me. You also don’t need to keep reapplying it for your hands to feel better, once or twice a day is enough.

2. Bioderma Sensibio micellaire cleansing water – Loved by make-up artists (apparently), it’s a make-up removing cleansing water and it’s super good at it. It’s for sensitive skin and doesn’t feel ‘chemically’ or harsh on the skin like a lot of make-up removers do. I use this every single day and it has 100% improved my skin, probably because it totally removes all traces of any make up. You can get it in a giant bottle from chemists. Boots sell it now but it’s a bit of a rip off there (£10 for the small bottle!) so I’d recommend buying it online or finding a local pharmacy that stocks Bioderma.

3. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate – This literally makes you feel like you’ve just been born out the womb. Your face feels so nice and fresh the next morning. The smell is also really calming. It can feel a bit wet when you apply it, but you only need the tiniest amount possible. This also makes the price (£36) seem a little better value for money if you consider how long it will last. My boyfriend tried using this and put way too much on his face practically slid off his body… so, yeah, a couple of drops needed max! Oils can seem a bit weird, like they’ll break you out, but this one hasn’t given me any problems and I do have combination skin. It’s been good in the winter especially when my skin is drier.

4. The Body Shop Satsuma shower gel – Oh god this smells SO good. I actually used to hate this scent so much but this year I began to love it. It feels nice on your skin and feels really refreshing! I’ve repurchased it at least 4 times.. so I think it deffo deserves a spot here.


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Goodbye 2015, hello 2016 – A year in review

Well hi there blog, it’s been a while! A little over two months to be precise…

The reason for my absence has been exciting I suppose… A few things happened towards the end of 2015 and ‘change is on the horizon’ as they say! A new year is a new start and all that, so I feel like it’s time I come back to this blog after my little break.

So, what happened in my 2015?

The new year began at Rowans bowling alley in Finsbury Park and a very drunken house party. After I’d sobered up I decided I would start doing regular exercise, I’d been going to classes before this and took the plunge and joined a gym. I kept that up until November, almost 3 times a week every week! That’s pretty big for me, I used to hate any form of exercise apart from riding my pink Poppy Pashley.

During Spring things were ticking away at work, I’d started a new role in 2014 at my current company and had been enjoying this. I also did lots of illustration for nice people, and felt a lot more confident about my outside of work-work.

Over the year I visited three new places, Dieppe in France, Istanbul, Turkey and Whitstable. All were lovely, especially Istanbul which was incredible and I would love to go back.


In July I moved house, just down the road with my boyfriend. I’d lived in my previous flat in Hoxton for 3 years so that was a big change. For the better, may I add! Now I finally have a living room (lols #LondonRentProbz) and a bathroom that isn’t moldy. It’s the first flat in London I’ve lived in that feels properly like home, it came unfurnished and so we’ve made it our own. It makes a huge difference to have a space where you feel you can relax, after years of not having that!

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