Magic Music Monday #7


1. Royksopp – The Drug
My god I am obsessed with this song and as I just also discovered, the official video is fucking incredible!

2. Romare – The Blues (It Began in Africa)
This tune will wake you up in a morning and get you going..

3. Dälek – Bricks Crumble
I love Dalek’s dark combination of hip hop and shoe-gaze. I think they’re a pretty ONE OF A KIND BAND.

4. Add N To x – Adding N To X
In my head I always see Add N to X as a band who are robot cardboard box characters who jump around in a universe full of shapes made from primary colours.

5. Cibo Matto – Sugar Water
I definitely need a bit of sugar water today. And some glitter. And some birthday cake. And some brightly coloured plastic animals would be good.

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