Mid week inspiration: Harry Whittier Frees

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If you know me, you know that I love dogs, although maybe obsessed is a better word. I think dogs are good for human’s mental health. But what I love more than dogs, is anthropomorphized dogs!

Therefore one of my all time favourite photographers is Harry Whittier Frees. I absolutely LOVE his photos, all of them. They make me laugh, feel very happy inside and inspired that someone was making such work over 100 years ago. I mean for gods sake look at the dog rescuing the puppy from the fire, it’s genius! :’)

Harry Whittier Frees was born in 1879 in America, which is also what makes his work so special (the fact it’s from such a long time ago). He was making photos till his suicide in 1953 : (

The way in which he made his work was due to a lot of patience, attention and care according to Frees. He would not administer drugs to any animals. Maybe they were having as much fun as it appears they are?

In the only article that was ever written about him while he was alive, he stated that some shots “required a second and a half, the majority only a second”. Frees also said that he “relied on intuition to determine the right moment to take the photograph” (Cats Dogs & Other Rabbits 2005). Many of his photographs were blurry and only around 30 photos out of 100 would be successful in his eyes.

His mum would sew the outfits for all the photos and he would carefully pin them on. The amount of time he must have spent on each photograph is incredible. He was completly a master of his work!

He died poor, but his work lives on and has been re-printed commercially around the world on postcards and in various editions of books.

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