Things I like this week


It’s one of those months where you have spent all your money the month before on donuts and beer and a week after being paid have nothing. Buying stuff can wait until next month. BUT A GIRL CAN DREAM.

1. Models Own nail polish in Pink Fizz – I’m not much into nail polish or nail art shit but I like glittery nail varnish. Especially if you’re having a shit day. It’s a fiver. Worth it.

2.  Gold bicycle helmet from Bobbin cycles – OMG must have this, most helmets are fug. Would be so good cycling down City Road with that on.

3. Plastic cat on wheels at Maiden Shoreditch – OK might splash out this month and get this. Look at his face!

4. Glitter hair bow from Crown and Glory – I saw these on Gala Darling’s site Blogcademy and immediately had to get one! So pretttyyy.

8400751569_567cd0ff1a_zPhoto from Blocademy blog.

5. Nike blazer Liberty print shoes – Wanted these ages ago, sold out. You can get some (probably fake) ones from ebay if you would risk it!

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