Houdini Crush – Some inspiration

6384448711_73a06bb560_zPicture 16036fbbe2821fd43a39fbc79ed00cb8d

♥ So many Kewpies and other cuties from Paperdolly on Flickr. I’m jealous of this amazing collection!
♥  Photo of German Shepherd dogs in gas masks found on Retronaut. Aww.
♥  Dress with the nuclear bomb ‘Castle Bravo’ at Bikini Atoll on it, or at least very similar! I LOVE THIS. Did you know that the bikini was named after the island?
♥ Another photo of the mushroom cloud from the explosion.
♥ Buke and Gase’s setup! Image found on Pitchfork. They are all I listen to at the moment, I am obsessed.

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