Puppies puppies puppies!

My parents have 9 German Shepherd puppies at the moment so I went to visit them. They are almost 8 weeks old and it is such a good age to see them at. They all have just started showing their personalities! Some are bolshy already (see: sticking up ears puppy – named Pinky) and some are groany and shy. All are cute as hell! Now for the mega dog photo post…

DSC_3471 DSC_3491DSC_3510 DSC_3495 DSC_3519 DSC_3538 DSC_3573
DSC_3487 DSC_3492 DSC_3505 DSC_3555 DSC_3557 me puppies

One Response to “Puppies puppies puppies!”

  1. Ahhh!! This was a cuteness overload :) I want to take one or two or maybe all of them home! They are the fluffiest, most gorgeous little things! I came here via your Facebook page (your illustrations are lovely by the way :)) xx

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