5 things I like this week


1. Mini skirt in cow print. Moo moo milky from Zara – Cow kinda goes well with this dusky pink don’t you think?

2. Nice and warm wooly jumper from Topshop – SEPTEMBER is the best month! Cold and warm, but the best month for wearing the best clothes. Jumpers, boots, tights. But not too cold or rainy (good for the fringe.)

3. Mulberry Alexa in Blush – Well good if you have got Β£1100 to chuck at a bag, which by the way I do not. But I can think about it yeah? Though would I just get mugged if I ever bought a nice bag? Someone tried to rob me on my bicycle when I only had a tote bag! Like really, is this a concern in London!? Can you insure expensive bags?

4. Little metal bracelet from COS – I’m getting all matchy matchy here. Would look cute with the jumper though I think!

5. Amazing Abigail boots from Topshop – Well, i’ll probably buy these, because I am obsessed with boots and always buy them from Topshop despite their boots always getting ruined within a couple of months..

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