5 Things I like this week – Cotton candy


I feel like such a girl, I’m really obsessed with pink at the moment. Or maybe i’m just a horrible cliche seeing as it seems to be ‘on trend’ right now, I can’t believe I said that, ew. Anyway here are 5 things I like this week!

1. MSGM | Unisex Jumping Horse Printed Cotton Sweatshirt – It was from Browns when I found it online, but seems to not be on there anymore. Helpful, I know. It’s such a good colour and horses for the win. I’ve been wearing so many sweatshirts this winter, they’re just so comfy!

2. Pink leather purse from Kate Spade – When I grow up and become a proper ‘lady’ I should probably own a purse like this.

3. L’oreal Iced Latte eyeshadow – I am currently trying to hunt this down IRL after spotting it on Pinterest. The giant Boots at Liverpool street failed me! Next.

4. Silver wishbone necklace from My Flash Trash – It’s £97, but it is silver. I think it’s pretty classic actually.

5. Black leather Enter boots from Windsor Smith – Omg first of all, I love this aussie brand after discovering them from How Two Live I want all their fucking shoes! These boots are so beaut. If I can justify them soon, I will.

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