Dubai – Beach and Palm Islands times

Over New Year’s I went on holiday to Dubai. Henry (my boyfriend) grew up there as his parents taught English in a school. Over the past 2+ years I had heard lots about it but never been, until now! …And it was completely different to how I imagined. I really honestly thought I wouldn’t like it there much but I LOVED it. It’s really hard to actually imagine what it’s like without seeing it. It’s not as ridiculous and weird as it seems. There are a lot of ‘big’ things, but then everything is very spaced out so it feels not as big. Also you have to get taxi’s EVERYWHERE. The vibes are really friendly and I felt like it’s a pretty positive place. It is technically winter there at the moment, however that means temperatures of around 24 which was perfect. Here are some pictures I took at the beaches we went to, one of which was on The Palm!


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