Dubai pt. 3 – Sunsets and giant malls

dubhhsburjThe top photo was the only grey day in Dubai and it looked amazing, the desert looks very moody when it’s cloudy! The sunsets in Dubai are also amazing… I’ve never seen the sun so big. We went to watch the sun go down next to Burj Al Arab which was so nice.

Sunset is also when everyone appears to go hang out at the mall. You can go at 11pm and families are there eating fast food with their kids, toddlers and all. They must have the best lie ins every day. The malls in Dubai are insane, they literally have every shop EVER and huge ones at that. We went to the world’s biggest mall a couple of times (The Dubai Mall) which is where the Burj Khalifa (the world’s biggest building) sits too, and it is crazy big. There is also a comical fountain that dances (srsly check out this youtube to see what I mean) and everyone is so happy, it played the most ridiculous music too. Note: the Burj Khalifa is impossible to take a photo of, it’s genuinely too big! It really was incredible though, despite being bloody ridiculous.burjkal
Inside the mall…
horsemall fooodmm
Mall food and casual mall aquarium with sharks in, why not?mallfish mall
Walking back to Henry’s sisters flat…

2 Responses to “Dubai pt. 3 – Sunsets and giant malls”

  1. I know it’s tacky…with all these fabulous pictures of Dubai but, why do they get to walk around the corner for some Johnny Rockets. I’d have to drive to Alabama if I wanted a Rocket Melt and a chocolate malts? Same with Steak n Shake. Dammit. People in Dubai and Alabama get everything :).

    The curved building is really something…out in the water like that.

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