5 Things I like this week – Spring time fun times!


I cannot believe it is April already. The year is going so so fast! So many plans and ideas… so little time! I’ve been working on Christmas illustrations already (yes, in March) and trying to do more exercise (which means embarrassing myself at dance classes) along with being pretty busy at work. I bought a new camera though and am sooo excited. I hate lugging my DSLR around and I’m lazy with it, so hopefully this will be easier for documenting fun things and posting on here!

Here are 5 things I like right now…

1. Topshop Moto Denim dress – When people talk about wearing ‘basics’ only, I’d consider denim dresses one of my favourite basics. I think I could live in them all year. They go with everything! This is my favourite one I’ve seen recently while browsing them online.

2. Korres Lip Butter stick – I love love loveeee Korres, everything smells so good and is amazing. There is barely ever any in stock in Liberty’s (in London) so I find it best to order their stuff online (try FeelUnique). The lip butter sticks are my favorite product of theirs, I use the tinted ones and think the red one is awesome. It’s like wearing a really thin coat of lipstick but super nourishing. Best discovery ever. I recently got the plain one too for all day every day wear.

3. Fujifilm X-M1 Camera in silver – The new camera! After a lot of research on photography and camera websites, 1000 reviews read later, I decided on the X-M1 with an additional lens (27mm pancake lens) even smaller to carry round. Lets hope it’s good.

4. ASOS Leather biker boots – These seem to keep going down in price?! Anyway, love them, want them, definitely do not need them. But they’re a good looking pair of boots.

5.Β  Rose gold quartz crystal necklace from Crystal Cactus. – I think all the necklaces on this site are lovely. It is ran by mega internet babe Audrey Kitching. However, a quick search on eBay you can deffo buy those crystals for super super cheap if you can be bothered to make one yourself! I might have a go..

2 Responses to “5 Things I like this week – Spring time fun times!”

    • Yeah I do find it hard to find nice fitting denim dress’! Well denim in general actually!
      The boots have gone down again to Β£25 and there is now an ASOS 15% off code… EEEEP. tempting! >__< xx

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