‘Brunch’ at Caravan – London eating

I always find the word ‘Brunch’ so annoying (pretentious), but lets be honest ‘breakfast lunch’ is always the best food. Me and Henry went to Caravan on Exmouth Market (I’d never been but always wanted to go) and it was pretty good. I also gave my new camera one of it’s first outings (I LOOVVVVE IT). I’m glad I can start to build a little London guide on here now – with lots of my favourite London places for my own reference, and not have to lug around a hefty dSLR. Hopefully someone else might find it useful too!

Henry ate: baked eggs, tomato & pepper ragout and Greek yoghurt with chorizo and me: the ham hock hash with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Delishhh.

lightmenu closefood eggs
All washed down with fresh mint tea. (Good for people with the worst tummies in the world!)pour

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  1. Looks so delish! Starrrrving now. I love reading London guides but do I ever get round to actually going to any of these places? NO, too lazy haha. To be fair though now I live in Kent it’s just long :( xxx

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