Eating clean – 2014 fix my tummy.


Food, fucking glorious food. I never used to be one of those people who ‘lives to eat’, more so I was a bit ‘eat to live’, until I got a full time job, a boyfriend who likes eating out and I moved to central London with some of the best places to eat on my doorstep. I guess you could say I got ‘into food’, like one of those annoying people who call themselves ‘foodies’.

For the past year and a half, I have suffered with IBS (I won’t bore you with the gory details), I had been not-quite-right for a while in the tummy department, which then ended up with me ill and in hospital with a kidney infection and a lot of pain. I had all the tests done to check for anything ‘serious’ and I did not have UC or Crohn’s (thanks universe), but something was/is still not right. Hence being told by doctors I am one of the many lucky millions of 20-something girls with IBS.

I cut out bread, and most other things (lol, panic disorder). Jokes about my brain aside, cutting out bread has got rid of a lot of the naughty toilet running behaviour that my body likes to do, but not completely gotten rid of my IBS. I try not to eat wheat at all, but it is hard (it’s in all the fun food, and those drunken walks home with bagels are happening far too often these days..). I also have realized it’s not just wheat, it seems to be yeast, rye, milk & cheese (lactose) and probably lots of other delicious stuff. I have to tell you, these exclusion diets are pretty boring..

^Sugar free nutella, um yes please?

Out of frustration and annoyance that my stomach is fucked up almost every other day, alongside doctors fobbing off anyone with IBS to experiment with diet themselves, I have been reading quite a lot about the Paleo way of eating lately, and also the FODMAP diet. These both supposedly offer great relief to people with IBS.

I’ve gotta say, this also makes perfect sense to me, as I’ve found through trial and error that plain vegetables, fruit, meat and fish are probably the only foods that don’t make my intestines do a dance and make me feel like napping 4 times a day.

Also I am 100% a sugar addict. I could happily eat a pack of Tunnocks teacakes in one sitting, or for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everyone knows how bad sugar is so I needn’t explain why I want to eat less!

It all has to stop! The sneaky bits of bread, the sneaky bits of cake full of gluten and pizza once a week. It is no good, and you only get one body. Over the next few weeks i’m going to try and eat less grains, less sugar and more vegetables, meat and fish and see how it goes!

I guess I will be posting some experiments in ‘healthy people cooking’ soon. The Nutella up there has cost me about Β£12 in ingredients (one of which I had to source from amazon as even the giant hipster health food shop in East London didn’t stock it, major LOL @ HEALTH FOOD). That’s a fucking expensive Nutella. I’m too poor for this middle class diet shit.

Tonight I also tried to make a chilli sauce out of the Susan Jane White book above and it made me gag (however, it is a beautiful book with lots of amazing looking recipes..). Lets hope this good luck continues. On the upside I have been told about the best veg shop in North London so will be stocking up this week. Thanks Ava and Rose!

If any of you has advice or words of wisdom.. please do help a sister out. x

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  1. Ahh I feel your pain. When I moved abroad my eating habits had to change and I got so sick, lost a huge amount of weight, looked half dead. I was told to cut out red meat and dairy, now I’m completely fine. But it’s hard, I discovered I love dairy. Wish I could help, but when I lived in N.London I lived on Quorn, avocado and hummus…(and was never ill…woe).

  2. Hmmm this is slightly enlightening. I got diagnosed with IBS of some sort about 12 years ago after lots of escapades I’m sure I don’t need to explain; suffice to say allergies, parasites and colon issues were all ruled out – leaving me with the catch-all IBS diagnosis that’s really no help moving forward.

    Anyway, I’ve never really figured out what I can’t or shouldn’t eat in any great detail. All I know is that sweetcorn kills me, but even worse is eating too much fibre – which I dunno, strikes me as a bit odd.

    I can’t say I’ve figured out how to manage it – i have good and bad days, and I suppose have just learned to live with it.

    But what caught my eye here is something I’ve never read before – and that’s the napping thing. I don’t nap, but man I get uncontrollable tiredness almost every night. Like I just can’t function beyond 8:30-9:30 – like it’s a dark cloud that forces me to put my head down on the couch arm and within 15 seconds I’m gone. Is that a symptom of IBS in your experience?

    • It’s annoying isn’t it. Especially because the doctors say everyone’s diet might need to be different hence why they won’t give you a set list of do’s and don’ts. It’s all about working out what your body can and can’t deal with. My doctor said some people with IBS can only eat junk food! Others can only eat vegetables etc. My body definitely does not like processed foods, at all. I also find onions particularly bad!

      I do think that if I eat badly, e.g.. wheat, I feel terrible and that includes a horrible tiredness. Also sugar does it to me too. The days I eat little sugar I manage to feel fine all evening. If i binge on it, i get very very tired. I do manage to sleep for 7-8 hours a night which is enough to not feel knackered by 7-8pm. I’d say since i’ve cut out bread, I nap a lot less than I did! Also when I eat less sugar I feel way more energetic. Which says to me that my body obviously is finding it hard to process.


  3. Ugh, that sounds so horrible! I’m sorry you have to deal with all of this Hannah :(

    I’ve been really noticing how bad my diet has been lately, so I will be looking forward to these posts and hopefully joining you on the quest to eating better!

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