Berlin pt. 2 – Kimchi Princess / The best Korean food ever?

We asked at the hotel where to go for dinner on the first night, a girl at the bar recommended a Korean place called Kimchi Princess, we managed to book (just!) and I am so happy we did, as it was SO busy and when I looked online it had a lot of good reviews. So off we went!

It was so hot on this day, all we wanted was ICE COLD WATER. This looked so good at the time?! We sat outside and it was so nice.fujikpbikes
foodThe pancake was so delicious I actually died afterwards, aka. majorly over ate. We got so much food for what we paid for/ordered. The portions over there are way more generous than London. I’d highly recommend a visit if you’re in Berlin, it was the best Korean food i’ve ever had!nightskyberlin
The sunsets were amazing. So many more photos to come so I’ll be doing a couple more posts, we actually did quite a lot in the 4 nights we stayed!

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  1. Kimchi Princess is great for the amount of food you get, and for its cool décor. I do slightly prefer the food in Yam Yam though which is located more in Mitte/Prenzlauer Berg. If you ever come back to Berlin you should check it out.

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