Berlin – Michelberger Hotel & The Berlin Wall

Me and Henry went to Berlin for my birthday two weeks ago now, and it was so good! The weather was bloody hot hot hot, and we did loads of exploring and ate a lot of fun food.  We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel which a couple of people recommended to me, it was amazing! On my birthday We Are Scientists played a gig in their backyard – which we had no idea was going to happen. As well as being a hotel, they have a pretty cool bar/restaurant and also put on shows regularly, the hotel even makes it’s own delicious coconut water and…. shoes (according to their website)?!monkeyhotel
The breakfast buffet was slightly expensive at 16 euros, but super delicious and it was all you can eat, if you can eat a lot at once (I can’t) then worth it even more! The eggs and bacon were dreamy..
bread inourrestaurant
mhbrekkieAfter delicious breakfast, we did the biggest walk ever on the first day, it was 36 degrees which in a city is quite painful!
berlinwalldog2berlinwall girlwall
Obligatory Berlin Wall shots.. meberlinwall
Back at the hotel.. We are Scientists! wearesciento
And a good end to a pretty evening in Kreuzberg!

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    • hannah

      Oooh you must go! It was cheaper for food/drink than I thought it would be too! People told me it was as bad as London but it isn’t! Flights were also dirt cheap :D x

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