Illustrations for Boden – Johnnie B t-shirts for AW14′ out now!


I am so excited! This week two of the t-shirts I designed for Boden were released in their Johnnie B AW14′ range! You can buy them HERE. (Age 16 is about an adult size 10/12!). The dog and the unicorn were illustrated by me. I am so happy they released the unicorn design as that was my favourite that I did for them. I did 4 other designs too, so perhaps they will be released at some point in the future. Above are some of the original drawings, hope you like them!

5 Responses to “Illustrations for Boden – Johnnie B t-shirts for AW14′ out now!”

  1. Congratulations Ma’am…on what I know to be a big deal.

    I know this because we get at least one package from Boden every month. My wife loves them.

    There was a Boden London Calling catalogue sitting on the bar when I opened blogger this morning.

    Good job.

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