London’s secret station – Aldwych Underground

A couple of weekends ago, we managed to find some last minute tickets (cheers eBay) to one of the London Transport Museum’s secret underground tours! They always sell out pretty quick and rarely do them so it was pretty exciting.

The station was originally called Strand but then renamed Aldwych, it was closed down in the 90’s due to low passenger use. During both world wars the station was used as a shelter for bomb raids, people lived on the platforms on bunk beds, there were even music shows down the tubeΒ to entertain people! The Queen’s tea sets were also stored in the tunnels, alongside lots of London’s famous paintings and artworks – to protect them during the raids. Currently, the station is used a lot for filming! It’s starred in a lot of famous films and music videos (The Prodigy – Firestarter!)
The above photo was a place for practicing tiling for underground stations. Every single tube station has a different colour of tiles – this was for people who couldn’t read back in the day – to ensure they could work out where they were.tunnelswayout
So many amazing posters from the 70’sΒ are still in tact!
keepslondongoingP.S It was so hard to take good photos down there – the lighting is terrible (I was close to not posting them!). If you like the tube – keep checking the London Transport Museum‘s website for future tours, they sell out QUICK.

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