5 Things I like this week – Autumn August wish list


I generally don’t like summer clothes as much as Autumn and Winter, so am happy to see the new A/W collections for this year coming into the shops! My current favourite *surprise surprise* is the new White Pepper jersey collection! I love most of it, especially the blue jumper and grey combo above! I reckon they would look super nice with the amazing headphones above which I have been stalking for weeks and debating forking out for.

In other news I have been working on a new design for this here blog, I am so picky and also I do not naturally/easily think in web designing ways so it takes me ages to actually get something I’m happy with (& I hate what it looks like at the moment!). So soon! Very soon! My new design is almost ready, wooooo!

1. Rose Gold Frends Layla headphones – You can get them from Amazon for £118. I’ve seen a few people sporting these around Shoreditch and they do look amazing!

2.  Blue jumper from The White Pepper – I love the little zip detail on this. AND it’s my favourite shade of blue for clothes, I have another Topshop sweater in this colour that I have worn to death.

3.  Boden leopard print flats – At around the £100 mark for a pair of flats, my first thought is no! Flats don’t last at the best of times, never mind in bad weather, buuuut they are pretty and if you are rich or splashy with the cash then maybe you’d buy them rather than me! ; )

4. Zoeva make-up brushes – I’ve read quite a bit about these brushes lately on blogs and vlogs, they are pretty cheap and apparently amazing quality so might have to bag myself some! £52 for 6 ain’t bad! You can buy them here.

5. Grey sweater and high waisted jersey skirt from The White Pepper – This outfit looks ridiculously comfortable… hopefully there will be another sample sale soon : D

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