Berlin PT. 3 – Prenzlauer Berg, Oderberger Straße. My 25th Birthday!

Finally I have edited even more photos of my recent trip to Berlin! Check out my TRAVEL tag to see the previous two posts if you want to see more : )

Berlin is pretty much one of the best places ever, I loved it and really want to go back! The whole time we were there it was super boiling hot, maybe a little TOO hot but the city looked amazing and beautiful. On my birthday we ventured to Prenzlauer Berg as I had heard that there were nice cafes, bars and shops in the area. It did not disappoint! We had pretty much the best food/drink filled day ever… Happy Birthday me!
First stop was brunch, and jeez, how good does this look? I’m getting hungry looking at the photos! The food was from an amazing Lebanese restaurant called Babel – as soon as we walked past and saw everyone’s food we HAD to eat there and it did not disappoint. Amazing hummus and falafel topped with juicy pomegranate… perfect summer food. amazinglunch
We walked to Oderberger Straße which is a street I had also read about online, it was the most pretty looking street I think we saw in Berlin, we hung out there all day.glory
green grey
Dress: The White Pepper (as always!) Shoes: Superga Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote bag: Barbican

Desperate for a drink in the hot hot heat, we popped into almost every pretty looking cafe
The strawberry mojitos we had were amazing!
Mojito’s down, it was time to hunt down some serious birthday sugar! We stumbled upon this incredible looking ice cream parlour/cool shop called Kauf Dich Glucklish, look at that sundae – it was THE BEST THING EVER. Ahem.
Even the rubbish on the street was pretty ; )

Stay tuned for part 4! (We did a LOT!)

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