Small homeware haul – IKEA and other bits

pineappleI go through phases where I’ll buy lots of things for my flat, then nothing for ages. Recently I’ve felt like changing my room around a bit, so here are a few things I’ve purchased!

Above: Pineapple (it opens and you can put stuff in it!) is from JOY. I saw it in the Brighton store but the one they had was broken. They didn’t/don’t have it online *sadface* – cue my happiness when I spotted it in the Angel Islington store window, it was mine! I believe it is £12.
Duvet set from IKEA (literally only a fiver! – I love the pattern). White tea light holder also from IKEA. The  Orange tea light holder is from Oliver Bonas and was around £5 (I can’t find it online but I’ve seen them in a couple of stores, I think you can get other colours too – correct me if I’m wrong!)

cushion vaseandpillow
Above: Black & white pillow, it is sooooo comfy and big and soft and was only £15 from you guess it, IKEA! The bottom picture, both items are from IKEA too. The orange pattern is a pillowcase from another duvet set I bought for £10. There is totally an orange theme going on here. Admittedly it does hurt your eyes when it’s on your bed at night but I love the colour at the moment! The vase was £5 and is nice and big for lots of Columbia Road market flowers.

My phone case is from Marc Jacobs and I LOVE IT even though most people comment saying it is hideous! I got mine from Liberty but I don’t think they sell it anymore. You can still buy it from Harvey Nichols here. It’s sort of rose gold in real life. Mmmm…

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