Brasserie Zédel London – Pre Matilda at the theatre!

On Saturday it was the celebration of that fateful day me and my boyfriend went on our first date to the Red Lion pub in Hoxton and had 4 pints of beer and the weirdest sausage pizza ever. Three years on Saturday I forced him to ride the 242 back to Homerton with me so that I didn’t get murdered on the way home to my flat which was pretty grim. AWWW AIN’T THAT NICE. We are still together and stuff!
Anyyyyyway, Henry planned a ‘surprise’ for me, and I hate surprises because I hate secrets being kept from me, but obviously everyone does like surprises deep down. On Saturday it was my decision as to what to eat so I picked Brasserie Zédel.

I had been recommended this place agggges ago as it has an art deco interior which I love, a lot. The food is French and I was in the mood for a bit of a meat fest (soz veggies).

The food was actually reasonably priced. For both of us it was only £50 and that included 15% service! I had the set menu which included a starter and dessert, with a glass of wine & coffee. And Henry had the hanger steak, a glass of wine AND coffee. I think that’s quite a lot for £50 (in central London)!
I had beef bourguignon which was lovely and tender. lecoqssteak
The steak was pretty good. Medium meant quite rare in there though!me
Me looking shifty in the foyer. Dress: Urban Outfitters and mock shirt: COS.
mrngThe dessert that came with my set menu was… I have to admit.. prettttty weird. It was a meringue but it was so floppy in the middle?! I am no French food expert but I thought meringue was supposed to be crispy (though it did say ‘soft’ on the menu – so I guess that explains it), but still… it wasn’t great! Dessert is usually my favourite part of a meal ;)
The decor was really nice and pretty impressive, but the paper tablecloths and fake candles (SERIOUSLY NO!) were some of the little details that did let this place down. Overall though it’s worth a visit and the food was good and well priced! It really reminded me of the Grand Budapest Hotel. As did this lobby boy… zedell
After dinner, we walked to the Cambridge theatre to see Matilda the musical!
Which was the surprise! It was INCREDIBLE! You must go! Obviously I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the performance but it was just the best thing ever and all the child actors were just beyond amazing. BEST THREE YEAR PARTY TIME!
P.S Seriously go and see Matilda ; )

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