Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew London – Trees, flowers and plants galore!

A couple of weeks back me and my flatmate headed over to Kew Gardens for a fun day out with some plants! I used to live near Kew but never ever went (always the way, isn’t it?). When I heard there is more than one conservatory (ahem, the Barbican conservatory is my favourite place in London EVER), giant lily pads and a tree top walk I had to go…

The Palm House conservatory was my favourite part, according to their website it is considered to be the biggest and most important surviving Victorian iron and glass structure in the world. If that’s not impressive I don’t know what is! You can walk up stairs and round the top to look at all the plants from above (it is really hot up there though!). You can also see sprays of mist every few minutes – for the plants to be watered which looks amazing. It’s truly incredible inside.
Mini pineapple!
(The famous lily pads are just insanely good..)
These plants were furry! fluffs
One thing to note before you go, the gardens are MASSIVE! You need more than one day to do the whole of Kew. It’s huge, and there is so much good stuff to see. In a day I don’t even think we saw half?! There is a stunning rose garden which we stumbled upon – with every type and colour of rose you could imagine, and a huge pagoda! We didn’t have time to go to the tree top walk or try the gin and tonic they were specially making somewhere deep inside the trees : (
We stalked that peacock for a good half an hour…

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Kew, but never made it over to the other side of London when I was living in East! The Barbican Conservatory is a massive favourite of mine, but looking at these little peely white paint spiral staircases in the conservatories makes me think Kew might top it if I ever make a visit… hopefully soon! Beautiful pictures as always :)

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