BRB buying everything from Weekday – 5 things I like

I recently discovered the brand Weekday and for my own sake kind of wish I hadn’t. I might be realllly late to the party on this one as it is owned by Cheap Monday but I way prefer everything in the online store for Weekday than the offerings from Cheap Monday. It was hard to pin down a small list of items I like but here are 5 pieces I particularly enjoy and come payday might end up ‘accidentally’ getting bought.

1. MTWTFSS Weekday woven t-shirt in a Giraffe style print! – How amazing is this top? I saw blogger EssieButton wearing it in a recent post and fell in love with it. Can’t fault a good animal print. I think the cut of this one is nice too.

2. Grey Formiga sweater – You can never have enough grey sweatshirts, they go with everything! This one looks good quality for £23 and is such a nice dark shade. I’d also recommend checking out H&M right now as they have so many grey sweatshirts for £6 a pop (I bought two)!

3. Trinity set of gold rings – So simple and so nice. I think even just wearing one on it’s own would look super sweet.

4. PC Vain Denim Skirt – This is like my perfect skirt ever. It is denim, a dark colour, pleated like a gym skirt, and kind of similar to the American Apparel skirts which are way too short so can’t bring myself to buy! This is like a 1000% better version. Need.

5. Printed tee – Is this supposed to be Kate Moss?! Or does it just really look like her? Either way the delicate pencil drawing is something you don’t often see on nice quality high street t-shirts. I think it’s lovely.

Had you heard of Weekday or bought anything from there in the past? Let me know what you think of the sizing or quality if so! x

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    • Haha I knew you’d like it ;) I did notice they sell on ASOS too, but there doesn’t seem to be much on there. Hopefully they’ll start stocking more! Also hoping they will start stocking in Cheap Monday on Carnaby street or open a store. x

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