Yoshitomo Nara – Greetings from a Place in My Heart

drawing_naraentranceYoshitomo Nara has been one of my favourite artists for a long time. I love his childlike girls and boys looking wistful, smoking cigarettes or just being generally sassy. And lets not forget his dogs with their cheeky expressions. He’s been a huge inspiration for me over the years but I don’t think until this exhibition I’d actually seen any of his work IRL! From October 3rd till 7th December this incredible exhibition is on at the Dairy Art Centre. Not massively promoted, I thankfully heard about it in time on Twitter. I was blown away when I got there and saw the vast quantity of work on show! There are over 200 pieces on display.

His paintings which I sort of assumed were small were HUGE with absolutely amazing detail.
gallerycupsculpture_cryingAbove: An actual crying teacup sculpture. Below: all writing around the exhibition was done by Nara himself on the walls.drawings
Look at the size of the paintings in relation to a person (aka me!)meandnara nara_closeup
All the sculptures on show were giant bronze castings, and were incredibly detailed.mold
henry_nara sleeping girl
This exhibition is a must see, and it’s FREE! I’ll definitely be going back before it ends.

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