5 Things I like – Wintery December items

Hello, it’s been a while! I started a new job (at the same company) in November, so have been super busy with that. I’ve also been working on quite a lot of illustration stuff. Those two things combined, the past two months have just flown by.

Here are a couple of items I have been stalking over the past few weeks between Facebook advertising campaigns, presentations and drawing animals.

1. Kenzo Eiffel tower jersey sweatshirt – from Selfridges: I am checking this every single day to see if it’s back in stock in a medium. I have been a little obsessed with the Eiffel tower lately and then this jumper happened and I need it!

2. Petit Bateau striped sweatshirt:  Another month, another striped sweatshirt. Like a lot of gals my age, I own a lot of striped tops/jumpers. However I can never have enough.

3. Eyeko – Eye Do liquid eyeliner: I don’t wear eyeliner very often, because 1. It’s a lot of effort in mornings and i’m not a morning person at all, and 2.  I also wear glasses to work every day so don’t see the point! But on a special occasion or a weekend it’s nice to crack out a lovely cat eye. I’ve heard about this eyeliner for a while and would like to try it, as my current drugstore eyeliner doesn’t stay very well.. if anyone reading this can recommend me other brands/or other good eyeliners too, that would be great!

4. Red Boucle coat from Warehouse: Isn’t this just the perfect shade of red? I think with brown hair this would look amazing! And it’s in the sale..

5. Michael Kors Selma large top-zip satchel: I love the Selma satchel and have done for so long. So… finally I caved in and I bought it, in black! It’s one of the most expensive clothing related items I’ve bought but I use it every day already and it’s so plain and hard wearing it will last forever and goes with most of my wardrobe. I love it.. and want it in every colour!

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    • Thanks for the tip, i’ll be having a look in Boots next time i’m in there for that :)
      And oh god… the sweatshirt! I’d get small, but I like my sweatshirts to be quite loose/baggy so it wouldn’t be the ideal fit I doubt! Holding out hope it gets restocked as I would deffo splurge on that as an xmas treat haha hope you’re well! x

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