Soap & Glory – The Next Big Thing

I love Soap & Glory products so much. I’ve always got a couple of body washes or creams on the go at once, and I adore their blusher/bronzers. When I saw the limited edition Christmas box in my local boots for £29 obviously I bought one! There are so many nice products in this years and I love that they keep them all full size. You definitely get your money’s worth (especially if Boots are not doing 3 for 2 on Soap & Glory).

‘The Next Big Thing’ box is illustrated by Hattie Stewart who was in the year above me at uni, it’s so nice to see people doing well from the same course! I think the illustrations she has done suit the brand perfectly.soapandglorybox

The products in the box are:

1. THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER Body Butter – This is probably my favourite smell out of them all. It has the classic Soap & Glory smell, delicious Shea butter. It’s quite sweet but not too sickly! The product also is so good and makes your skin super soft. Works really well on legs.

2. HAND DREAM Super Cream – I do like the other hand cream by S&G (Hand Food) but I don’t think it is a strong enough hand cream for me as I get very dry hands. I actually think I prefer this one though, again it has the classic Soap & Glory smell but absorbs super quick and actually feels way more moisturizing than Hand Food. It does say that is is ‘Super Intensive’ so maybe that’s why. I don’t think it’s as good as Aesop but for 1/3 of the price it is pretty good. I’ll use this as a second cream though – to keep by my bed.

3. ORANGEASM Body Wash – At first I thought the smell of this was a bit weird if I’m honest. But I don’t tend to like certain fruity smells for bath and shower products, I tend to stick to floral and creamy smelling stuff. BUT! I gave it a go and it smells so much nicer when you actually use it rather than just sniffing it from the bottle. It’s not as overpowering as I thought it might be. It’s not a wash I would have purchased, as I do LOVE the Clean, Girls body wash they do, but now I’ve tried it I actually do like it.


4. BUTTER YOURSELF Moisture Lotion – I tried this on my arms – it’s a nice and light moisturizer that absorbed very quickly, it also smells so nice – a mix of orange oil and almond. I think this is a good moisturizer if you can’t really be bothered to moisturize (which is me, a lot of the time.)

5. HEEL GENIUS Foot Cream – A foot cream is not something I would ever go out and buy, I guess I just don’t give a shit about my feet? Also I hate the feeling of cream on feet and then having to walk (anyone?!), it just feels so awkward and messy. I tried this and it smells nice, but it doesn’t absorb as quickly as I would prefer. I’ll probably use it from time to time but I probably wouldn’t have the time or patience to wait around for it to dry.

6. SUGAR CRUSH Body Scrub – This is the one product out of this box I can’t stand the smell of. Again it might be something that once you use it in the bath or shower, it smells different but it’s just way too sickly and fruity smelling for me. I know a lot of people love this product though and say it’s awesome so I’ll probably give it a go, if I can’t get over the smell though, i’ll be giving it away.

7. WHIPPED CLEAN Shower Butter – This smells SO GOOD! And is probably one of my favourite things from this box. I’d never tried it before but it’s so soft and moisturizing. It contains velvety cocoa, shea butters, sweet almond and macadamia nut oils. Perfect smell to me and leaves your skin feeling so nice. I’d definitely buy this one again.


8. SEXY MOTHER PUCKER Lip Lacquer in Charm Offensive – Hmm, not a very lip gloss style of person. I prefer lipsticks or tinted lipbalms, long hair and lip gloss never go well and I can’t stand my hair getting stuck to it so I probably won’t use this much… it’s a nice colour though!?

9. THICK & FAST Super Volume Mascara – This mascara has the kind of brush I like (thick bushy type) so i’ll be giving it a go when my MAC one runs out. Online reviews say it doesn’t flake but we shall see. I find a lot of mascaras work really well for me in terms of length etc (maybe because I have dark hair anyway) but most flake which I can’t stand. Lets hope it doesn’t! It could be a good cheap contender to the MAC one I use.

10. OFF YOUR FACE 3 in 1 Daily Purifying Cloths – I’m not a face wipe person, I hate the feeling of not actually washing your face. One thing I’ve found these handy for though is actually just removing eye make up. My skin can get a bit spotty and sore at times so I wouldn’t ever just use face-wipes but they are useful for make up removal. They haven’t made me break out either so that’s good. I’ll stick to REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser for washing though (it’s so good srsly).

Are you a Soap & Glory fan? x

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  1. I’ve only just discovered Soap & Glory! I live in Australia, so it’s not sold everywhere. You can only get it in the city at a few places, but my friend got me ‘Flake Away Scrub’ and the ‘Scrub of Your Life’ body buffer for Christmas. I haven’t used the body buffer yet (it smells amazing though) but I have used the flake away scrub on my elbows and feet, and it is incredible! I’d only ever used Lush before (that’s similar) but this is slowly replacing it, lol.
    Also with your feet, a lot of the lotions and that for feet are very thick and don’t absorb quickly. When I use foot lotion, I use it before I go to bed, and put on a pair of cotton socks (so it doesn’t get all over my sheets). When you wake up in the morning your feet will feel amazing :)

    • Thanks for the foot cream tip! :) it sounds like a good shout.
      I bet you Aussies get so many amazing skincare/bath brands instead though, would love to find out some good Aussie brands. I’m a bit obsessed with foreign bath stuff! I wish we had the American store Bath & Body works here, I have to ship it over (via friends/boyfriend) haha x

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