German Shepherd puppies!

Over the bank holiday I visited my family in York. My parents breed pedigree German Shepherd dogs and Poppy has just had a litter two weeks ago. They are so so cute, hopefully you’ll agree! Over the 4 days I was there, they had already grown a lot. I’ll be going back to see them again in 3 weeks and they’ll be around this size! So exciting. Get ready for some puppy spam… (exit now if you don’t love dogs!)
pups licksablesbaby
stretch tan
Just starting to open their eyes!
three tongue two whiteyblack

5 Responses to “German Shepherd puppies!”

  1. I grew up with German Shepherds. They are some cute puppies and they can also grow up to be as goofy as they are intimidating. We had one, he was big boy, used to run at me full tilt and then turn sideways at the last minute to knock me over.

    • Hannah

      Aww yeah! They are the goofiest dogs ever, and can be so sensitive too – despite their big jaws! Sounds like good memories! They’re the best! x

  2. Insert ALL the heart eyed emojis! So, so cute. Someone I know used to have a German Shepard and he was just the gentlest boy, nothing like the scary rep they sometimes have. It’s crazy to think how big they grow when they’re this tiny to begin with. I could never breed puppies I’d just want to keep them all haha! More puppy spam next time you see them please! x

    Josie’s Journal

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