Istanbul, Turkey – Bosphorus, Soho House Istanbul & lots of delicious food


Phew! I’ve finally edited all my Istanbul photos and now I’m wishing I was still there drinking beers in the sun! It’s such an amazing city, all based around the beautiful Bosphorus stretch of water. It’s actually bigger than London which surprised me during my pre-trip research. There is so much to do, and during our 5 days there we definitely didn’t cover everything! Highlights were the Galata tower area, a Bosphorus river tour (totally do it), exploring the Mosques (post number 2 – to come), eating all the foods and the Grayson exhibit I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.

Istanbul is certainly a product of it’s geographical location culturally. It feels very middle eastern in lots of ways, which I love: the people, the mosques, the food. But then it feels very western: the galleries, the little shops, bars, the younger trendier kids everywhere! For example the area around Galata tower feels a little bit East London or Berlin. But then it’s really unlike anywhere I’ve been in Europe, yet not quite as strict and influenced by it’s religion as the Middle East.

Henry kindly took me for my birthday and we stayed at Soho House Istanbul which was the best hotel I’ve ever been to! You’re not really allowed to take photos in the Soho House buildings but it was incredible place, a 19th century palace. The food was also super nice in there. Though in Turkey, most of the food is AMAZING… I’d get obese if I lived there for sure.

There are dogs and cats everywhere, but they’re all so friendly and healthy. This dog became my special Turkish pal. Animals are respected there. Bar staff fed cats, and passers by dogs.


Our bedroom in the hotel – comfiest bed ever.

Rooftop hummus!
The boats everywhere make it so magical! As well as the mosques. And on that note, more mosque photos to come in my next post later this week :)

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  1. Istanbul looks amazing! I’ve heard a lot of people describe it as feeling quite similar to Berlin in some ways, and the arts scene is supposed to be great. I love your picture of the cat with the basket of oranges! I absolutely love Islamic art & decoration so I’m really looking forward to seeing your photos from the mosques :)

  2. So glad your naughty macbook decided to play nice as these photos are beautiful Hannah! I really want to go there, its added to my immeasurable list of places to go thats for sure!

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