A photo every hour – Monday 12th October

I’ve never hated Mondays. I always thought Tuesday the worst day, less enthusiasm for the beginning of a new week but so long until the weekend! I wanted to try and do this photo every hour on a work day, so here is an average weekday. Monday style.

Above: 8am: I woke up and my server had decided to revert this blog back to 4 days previous – had to save everything from the cache in a panic. I also woke up on top of a dead spider. Still, it was quite bright and I can never wake up and be sad when I look at this Moomin poster.
9am: Walking to work, which is near Old Street. I work in a tech company as an online Community Manager.
10.30am: First cup of tea of the day and some breakfast. Gluten free fruit bread with honey and a banana. I never eat at home as 1. I am not a morning person and 2. my stomach doesn’t wake up and I feel sick in the mornings so can’t face eating until later on.
12.30pm: A trip on my lunch break to Waitrose to grab some groceries for dinner. Also got a piece of roast chicken for my lunch.

1pm: Lunch, which was a salad I had made on Sunday night. Radish, cucumber, celery, pomegranate, tomatoes, lemon and lettuce, with the warm chicken I picked up at Waitrose. ~ so middle class ~.
4pm: Coffee work meeting at a local pub. I can’t do beers during a workday, I get drunk. And trust me, it’s not a good look.
6.45pm: Walking home listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album. I think it’s rather somber and lovely.
7pm: East London high rises. Got to go and pick up my medication from the doctors which is quite close by.
8pm: Making dinner for me and Henry using my made up recipe for Vietnamese pho/noodle soup.
Watching Have I Got News For You with Charlie Brooker. One of the fun people.
10pm: Bath time using Lush – Karma bubble bar. So good.
11pm: Nighttime cup of tea and a chocolate Christmas reindeer I picked up on my walk home.

It was a rather food-y day by the looks of things…!

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