Beauty favourites Spring 2018

Long time no beauty round up! Here are my favourite products for the past few months that I have been loving.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light sun cream fluid SPF 50+ – Now I’m almost 30 and have some crows feet around my eyes I’ve been getting slightly paranoid I should be using SPF every day. The tinted moisturiser (NARS) I use has it in, but I’ve read it’s not exactly the same as using SPF alone (before you put on your make-up). I’ve tried Bioderma’s SPF for the face but it’s very thick so not ideal when you want to wear make-up. SPF’s seem to be very pricey to get a decent one that won’t break you out. I found this one in Boots and it had some good reviews so I gave it a go, and so far so good. It’s very thin and a little goes a long way. It does not feel oily or greasy and make-up goes on top very easily. When I use this I don’t bother to use a moisturiser too as it’s moisturising enough on it’s own and I like to avoid as many layers on my face as I can.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream I’ve tried so many different moisturisers over the years and this one I come back to again and again. I must be on my 10th pot at this point! For me (with combination skin) it’s the perfect consistency – not too thick that it breaks you out but moisturising enough that it is good when your skin is a little dry. This winter for the first time in years using it I did find it wasn’t enough for me in the cold (my skin is not super young anymore I guess) but I think next winter I will try their thicker moisturiser Ultra Facial Balm. But for now for me it’s still the best for a spring/summer/autumn moisturiser.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye treatment with Avocado – In winter I was using an Estee Lauder eye cream (this one) and it was very good – however at £43, it was not something to make a habit of. I have tried the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery eye cream in the past and was a little disappointed (I saw no difference whatsoever with it) but I thought I’d give this one a go because I am a big fan of Ultra Facial Cream and this particular eye cream does have such good reviews. The small pot is £26 but you only need a tiny amount. It is very moisturising and you really can notice a difference in the morning. I also like to use this one under make up in the morning too as it feels really nice underneath concealer. Am a big fan of the light green colour too.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser – Believe the hype people. Glossier is worth it! It’s not just pretty packaging. I’ve tried quite a few of their products now and this cleanser is one I’ve re-purchased. Despite initially thinking the smell was kinda weird (anyone else?) – I’m quite into even that now. It’s great for the morning, very mild and gentle. I do prefer to use Bioderma micellar water at night with a REN cleanser to take my make-up off, but this is a great alternative for me too as a second cleanser at night and a product I now will not be without. At £15 it’s a great mid range face wash.

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Glossier Balm Dotcom –  A simple effective lip balm that smells great (especially the Birthday Cake flavour!). I have about 4 of them lying around different bags/locations. The original is unscented/uncoloured so you can use it on bits of dry skin/to keep stray eyebrows in place etc so it’s worth having one of those too. I also do love the packaging, not gonna lie.

NYX Professional Makeup concealer wand – I tried this out in Boots as I wanted a cheaper ‘dupe’ version of the NARS creamy concealer (which I love) and I think this is actually a pretty similar consistency and colour. It’s only £6 so a lot cheaper. I wouldn’t say it lasts as long on the face as NARS but for the price it’s pretty good going and does cover your dark circles pretty well.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder BalmI was gifted this (personally it’s not something I would have ever thought to buy) and I am so glad I was because it’s actually the best hair product I’ve ever used (quite the statement I know). You use the tiniest amount on your hair when it’s damp and it really helps my not very thick hair to have more texture and volume. I don’t think they market it as a hair thickening product (hence why it wouldn’t have been on my radar) but it really does work for that purpose! Reading the reviews people love it for so many different reasons, with different hair types finding it useful for different things. Quite the miracle product!
The bottle has lasted me for so long too so I’ll definitely repurchase it. I think it is well worth the £18.

So there’s my top products right now! Are you a fan of any of them? x

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  1. I like Kiehl’s products, but they are so ridiculously expensive. And honestly, I think the cheaper brands do just as good of a job (I think Kiehl’s is good at marketing, nothing else). Here in Vienna, we have a drug store called DM (a German company) and I can buy a pot of facial moisturizer for 2.95 euros. It does just the same job as Kiehl’s and for a fraction of the price. I recommend, if you’re ever in Vienna, to head to DM and check out their make up and skin care products. SO cheap and such good quality :) Lovely blog, though!

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