About me

My name is Hannah, a 30 something Northerner living in East London. I’m an illustrator who likes the internet a lot! Maybe a little too much…

By day I also work as a Marketing and Digital Manager at Sanrio.

I’ve been writing online since I was 13 (Livejournal/Xanga) and try not to over share as many embarrassing life stories. Admittedly, there’s probably less.

This blog is used mainly as a personal diary to post things I like, what I’ve been up to, work I’m currently doing or have done – lifestyle type stuff.

I hope you like it!

Check out the portfolio link in the navigation if you would like to see my illustration work.

Feel free to contact me on the link above or email:

All images by me unless otherwise credited. For photos, I use a Fuji X-M1 with Fujifilm lenses or my iPhone. Increasingly.. the latter.