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New Town Blues

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“It’s cleaner high up and the air’s fresher, AND there is less dusting to do!”

This documentry by the BBC, part of the Britain on Film series, is the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Filmed in the 60’s and put together recently with archived footage, it’s incredible. This episode is based on housing and is full of amazing 60’s high rise flats and what it is like to live inside them.

The New Forest / A trip to Moonrise Kingdom…

I went to the New Forest at the weekend with my boyfriend to do lots of walking and forest adventuring. As soon as we got there, I spotted a group of cub scouts sat by the forest that looked like they were from 1960! It felt like we were Suzy and Sam in Moonrise Kingdom. There were wild ponies and horses everywhere and pretty lakes with secret rope swings. We walked for 23 miles over two days, only stopping off to eat cream tea in a village and to have cold beer. Next time I want to go camping with a portable record player, pink peter pan collar dress, binoculars and picnic basket!

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Chloë Sevigny serious girl crush

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My internet has been broken for a week pretty much, hell! I’m an addict, seriously. This week has included using my iphone as a hot spot and paying £18 for the total shit that is BI-WIFI with “fon” (whatever that is) mainly so I could search pictures of Chloë Sevigny on Pinterest. Who is pretty much my ‘girl crush’. Anyway, happy days as our internet was fixed today and we have a nice new modem that works, so posts commence & crisis averted. BRB More stalking of Chloë…

Frances Ha


I went to see Frances Ha last night. It was so charming and beautifully shot. It is now firmly at the top of my list of films that I have seen in 2013!

Frances Ha is a story of a girl in New York who’s a little bit disappointed with the way things are going. It’s very realistic with a pretty deadpan sense of humour and shows how sometimes things in life don’t go the way you planned! (Who doesn’t know that feeling?)

Greta Gerwig plays Frances so well, the character is the most endearing, fun and loveable I’ve seen in a film for a while.

Her relationship with her best friend Sophie is the best, the scenes when they are together are the most fun and will make you wish you were involved!