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Illustrations for Lapin & Me

playtime11img_7184b photo-3-560x420I recently did some work for Lapin & Me, illustrating lots of toys. Here are some of my illustrations on pillows, mirrors, an advent calendar and cards displayed at Lapin & Me’s stand at Playtime Paris.

Photo one and two from here. And three, here.

Build – Kingston University Illustration & Animation Degree Show 2013

I totally loved the work of Lizzi Mann, it was definitely my favourite from the show. Her work on display was this incredibly detailed screen print of the famous council housing complex Robin Hood Gardens in London. I am slightly obsessed with council estates (I grew up on one), and London certainly has some of the best ones, RHG being the best in my opinion! Unfortunately (or fortunately) It will be demolished soon, with upto 75% of residents supporting this. However, efforts into getting the building listed have been made previously, with not much success.
I think Lizzi’s work is a beautiful reminder of how stunning the building is architecturally. When I am less poor, I really want to buy one off her! You can find her tumblr here. Her site seems to not be up despite being linked in the catalogue. (A shame as I’d like to see more of her work!)
lizzimanntumblr_mjyqz0mE0J1qhs2eto1_1280Another favourite was Dan Singer. Yet again, more gorgeous printmaking! I loved his lino cuts with animals and unexplained condoms on them. Kingston is great because illustration students can use the printmaking studio as much as they want (pretty much) and you get lots of help too. Some of the best work to come out from the Illustration BA is the printmaking. I miss being able to explore it more there!
dansinger danDaisy Hardman displayed a book about oil, called ‘Black Gold’ which I thought was graphically stunning, however when back at home I looked on her website and much preferred some of her other work such as these pieces below, which I think have such an amazing atmosphere in them, I love the texture too. anotherescape daisyhardmanetching4

These three were the strongest for me so i’ll be stalking their blogs from now on. I also thought Peter Judsons work was pretty hilarious. Overall some good stuff!

Paris pt. 3 – Walking and Le Chien

On our last day in Paris, we did some walking and exploring in the sun…DSC_3417
There seemed to be some craft event going on, I loved these crochet flowers attached to this gate!DSC_3422 DSC_3428
French woofter!
DSC_3427 DSC_3432 DSC_3437 DSC_3442
And back to Londres!