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10 Instagram accounts to follow right now

Instagram is my favourite social network without a doubt. For the visually minded it’s like crack. I can spend hours scrolling without boredom. So much so, that I had to give it a break a couple of months ago as I started to get RSI in my hand…

ANYWAY! I thought it would be nice to share with you 10 Instagram accounts I love right now. Please share your favourites with me too, I love finding amazing new accounts. Enjoy!

1. Symmetry Breakfast

This account is food porn to the max. Actually, it’s food porn ART. Whoever is behind this account, well, I wish he was my boyfriend. Apparently each breakfast is for him and his boyfriend every morning. And no, it’s not a mirror. It’s all really laid out like that!

Follow here:

2. Fran Meneses

Fran is an Illustrator and Youtuber now based in London, previously Berlin. I love her sketchbook drawings, and the pastel colours she uses. A lovely illustration/doodle account if you need a bit of inspiration to get drawing yourself!

Follow here:

3. Sneakers the corgi

Sneakers is legit my favourite Instagram dog. I mean, I follow at least 10 other corgi’s but she’s my favourite. Just so, damn, cute. THOSE SIDE EYES <3.

Follow here:

4. Ava Szanjna-Hopgood

Ava is a friend from Yorkshire, also living in London. Her account is mainly a documentation of her adventures in Vegan-ism (is that even a word?!). Past vegetarian, prior drunk burger eater; Ava turned Vegan after reconsidering the ethics behind what she ate. She decided it was going to be her New Years resolution and she stuck to it. She’s maybe the only person I know to keep a resolution. Anyway, it makes for a colourful and fun account and you should follow her too if you like vegetables.

Follow here: and her blog here, which is full of amazing recipes!

5. Bunny Bissoux

Bunny is an illustrator in Japan, originally hailing from the midlands (I believe). She moved to Tokyo a couple of years ago and I’ve followed her for a few years after finding her wonderful illustrations online. Her account is a mixture of crazy colours, cute Japanese shit and her amazingly detailed and hectic artwork.

Follow here:

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Mega girl crush – How Two Live

I discovered the twins of How Two Live on Instagram a few months ago, I completely love their style. How Two Live are two twin girls from Australia who have a super bright fun taste in clothes, their outfits just make me want to draw them! I have also been stalking the beautiful shoes from Windsor Smith because of them. Want, so, many, shoes!

how2live twolive h2l
howtwolive1 h2lbracelet h2lcoat
All photos from How Two Live’s instagram account here.

Recently in Instagram

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photobowl image_9♥ One of my favourite places for coffee on Brick Lane ‘Fika’ has a Wes Anderson themed month. Beautiful decorations and menu! LOVE IT. ♥ Pigeon death? Near my flat. ♥ Amazing cat jumper purchase! ♥ Trip to Ikea with Henry for picture frames and meatballs! ♥ Bloomsbury Bowl for karaoke, one of my favourite venues in London, so throwback America and super fun. ♥ New shelf in my room & framed dog drawing (by me!) ♥

Recently in Instagram

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♥ East London door knocker! ♥ Amazing type in De Beauvoir Town ♥ Bought myself flowers, why the fuck not? ♥ Camden hells, my favourite beer. Camden hells USA, VERY DISAPPOINTING! Nice label though! ♥ Lots of work this month, deadlines! ♥ 2 very pretty magazines ♥

Summer is here! – Recent Instagrams

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♥ BBQ’s! ♥ Homemade sprinkler action, to keep cool. ♥ My bedroom toys ♥ Jelly shoes, the adult way to dress for summer. ♥ Ice cream books at work, our boss bought an ice cream maker! ♥ Frozen yogurt. I’m totally obsessed with it. ♥ Shoreditch park on the evening. ♥