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Lately through Instagram!

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♥ Wahaca in Covent Garden, so delicious! Saying goodbye to our Aussie housemate. ♥ Work from the current exhibition at the Wellcome Gallery, Outsider Art from Japan. It’s incredible I would highly recommend! ♥ Me in the sun wearing a new shirt I found in a charity shop for £5!  ♥ Curing a hangover in The Breakfast Club in Hoxton, liquids galore. God it was a bad one (vomit was involved). ♥ Dog on wheels on Columbia Rd. LOVE HIM. ♥ Sunday sun near London Fields, so nice! ♥ Dolls! Dolls! Dolls! ♥ A cute dog who loved me. ♥ Buke & Gase at The Lexington on Thursday, they were incredible and I think they are the best band in the world, the end! ♥

Recently in Instagram

♥ My Bloody Valentine at Hammersmith Apollo ♥ Heart patterned pinafore (surprisingly) from Primark ♥ Fish and chips at Bills in Soho with Henry ♥ Dinosaurs on my desk, obsessed ♥ Emily Sutton tin in Betty’s York ♥ Bookshop browsing in York ♥ Archie’s Girls Mac make-up haul.

My week through Instagram

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♥ Kit cat clock that Henry bought me! They are the best clocks ever! Read their history. ♥ Lunch in Gallopoli. One of my favourite restaurants in Angel. ♥ A cute dog! ♥ Bought a diary for 2013 and planned my life. ♥ Kit cat clock in action! ♥ Dinner at Sweet Thursday, delicious pizza and cute decor! ♥

My week in Instagram

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♥ Pancakes for Saturday breakfast at The Diner ♥ Bryony came to London and we hung out around Brick Lane, went for dinner at Viet Grill and drank beers at the Red Lion! It was good! ♥ Sunday I went for cake and coffee with Henry at Issy’s Milky Way in Angel, so much cool stuff in there, it’s amazing! Quite pricey but worth it! ♥ Near my house on Sunday evening ♥ Honey, lemon and ginger tea, good for illness! ♥ Angel tube station after work. ♥