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Sunday trip to the Tate Modern ♥ Grayson Perry ♥ Mint and pink colour combination ♥ A poem I wrote about space while waiting for Wahaca ♥ Wahaca in Southbank, SO DELICIOUS. ♥ Screen on the green late night screening of ANNIE HALL ♥ Inside my bag  ♥  Walking through York Road to get to London Aquarium (which was kind of not that great but some stuff was pretty!)  ♥  London has lots of snow. And this dog is so well prepared.

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instagram week two

1. New rings from H&M. LOVE. 2. Very Courtney Love dress from Topshop. 3. Time spent with Daisy my doggy over Christmas! Though i’m newly allergic to dogs : (! 4. Writing and eating croissants. 5. BLYTHE! 2013 will be the year me and Blythe rekindle our relationship. That hobby was neglected in 2012! 6. Lorna! It was nice to see her in York over Christmas. 7. Gift from my sister. Pet cat for your flat. 8. Poppy and Daisy waiting for their Christmas dinners <3. 9. Beautiful journals from Cowling & Wilcox in Shoreditch. For writing lists and notes and happy things.

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1. Pretty house on Northchurch Road (the best road ever?). 2. Winter berries that costed £4, (did i get ripped off?). 3. Pear Painting as a secret santa gift for my workmate Tom. 4. Giant platform shoes. A cross between a cyber goth/spice girl/and giraffe. 5. Henry in a hole. 6. Me and a giant bottle of Corona, best invention ever? 7. Giant dog I saw in Angel. Maybe it’s her husband. 8. Airmail, par avion! (Sending lots of dog orders this week). 9. Dog drawings = my life.