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Summer is here! – Recent Instagrams

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♥ BBQ’s! ♥ Homemade sprinkler action, to keep cool. ♥ My bedroom toys ♥ Jelly shoes, the adult way to dress for summer. ♥ Ice cream books at work, our boss bought an ice cream maker! ♥ Frozen yogurt. I’m totally obsessed with it. ♥ Shoreditch park on the evening. ♥

Puppies puppies puppies!

My parents have 9 German Shepherd puppies at the moment so I went to visit them. They are almost 8 weeks old and it is such a good age to see them at. They all have just started showing their personalities! Some are bolshy already (see: sticking up ears puppy – named Pinky) and some are groany and shy. All are cute as hell! Now for the mega dog photo post…

DSC_3471 DSC_3491DSC_3510 DSC_3495 DSC_3519 DSC_3538 DSC_3573
DSC_3487 DSC_3492 DSC_3505 DSC_3555 DSC_3557 me puppies

Paris pt. 3 – Walking and Le Chien

On our last day in Paris, we did some walking and exploring in the sun…DSC_3417
There seemed to be some craft event going on, I loved these crochet flowers attached to this gate!DSC_3422 DSC_3428
French woofter!
DSC_3427 DSC_3432 DSC_3437 DSC_3442
And back to Londres!

What I wore… for twenty four!

It was my birthday on Sunday (June 9th) and I had lots of fun drinking and eating delicious pizza. Here was my first outfit of 24.

Dress and cardigan: H&M // Jelly shoes: JuJu // Socks: Topshop // Sunglasses: from Brick Lane market // Watch: Urban Outfitters // Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC.

I was also gifted this amazing Tatty Divine brooch, which I quickly added to my outfit. It’s the most perfect thing ever (dogs on wheels are my favourite things in the world)!


24 and not much wisdom

I promise blogging will resume soon, I turned 24 at the weekend so was busy being spoilt. But at the same time one of my wisdom teeth (bottom right to be precise) decided to come through to say hai and infect me, and I have to say… pretty much the worst.pain.ever. Anti-biotics, painkillers and rest for me.

Cute ring, right? Don’t think mine looks like that though.