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5 Things I like this week – SUMMER is here!

So it was 36 degrees in Berlin, and now it’s super hot in London too! Hooray, but also not hooray cause I am so shit at dressing in the heat (I way prefer to HIDE my body, not get it out!). I have got better since my teenage years (um, goth vibes I’m-not-getting-a-tan anyone?) but still feel that I don’t have enough summery clothes that I like or feel comfortable in. Does anyone else feel like that? I wayyy prefer the offerings of the high street in winter and autumn and struggle to find lots of summer clothes I like.

But! Here are 5 things I have spotted recently:

1. Poppy Lissiman Evil Eye Clutch – Oh god, it is back in stock… um, well pre-order. But with shipping to the UK it is £55!!! For a clutch. Not sure I can convince myself, can I???? I love it so much… and have done since seeing it on the mega babes How Two Live. It’s been on my mind for months…

2. Miu Miu Rasoir eyeglasses from Pretavoir – I love most of the Miu Miu glasses, but having not been able to (so far) find anywhere near me that stocks them am hesitant to order any online! I would never buy glasses without trying them on, mainly because it is so easy for them to look wrong or bad. You have to get the right shape for your face otherwise you’ll just look like a terrible awkward nerd. #HANNAHGLASSESADVICE101.

3. Palmairas Nubuck tan sandals from Palmairas – My boyfriend recently built these ladies their newest website, which is how I found out about this brand. I actually really like them though, and for £38 I think they are a total bargain! Very summery and cute.

4. Topshop Mix tile print dress – I do love a good wall full of patterned tiles and therefore love the print on this dress! It is the kind of dress you buy and wear a lot but then get bored of it cause it’s quite intense, but for £45 it’s probably worth it!

5. Micheal Kors rabbit fur pom charm – Did anyone else spy Louise from Made In Chelsea with the rad fluffy bag charm on her (beaut) baby blue Michael Kors bag? JUST ME? Well I kinda searched the internet for one and came across this fluffball. But also I think Louise’ is from this site here: Poppy London, which is cheaper and London based.

P.S The new WordPress update is sexy. :nerd:

5 Things I like this week – Oh heyyyy, May!


1. Zip It Bag from Nasty Gal – I really want a bucket bag, but can’t find any good ones in the UK I like for under £50! This one from Nasty Gal is good though, and less.

2. Most likely fake, ‘Chanel’ perfume bottle phone case, so tacky but I love it… ^___^ just search Google and you can find them on Etsy and eBay, for dirt cheap.

3. Superga x The Row – I cannot find these online for sale anywhere :'(, the most similar are here. But I love the material on these ones and the highlights of the gold! Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are the shit.

4. Neat rib sweatshirt from Topshop – You can never have enough jumpers like this, with a white shirt underneath it looks super smart.

5. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso – So as I mentioned in this blog post, I am pretty into this woman. Her book comes out in a week, hooray! You can pre-order it here. Amazon doesn’t seem to have it on pre-order at the moment. Hopefully the London bookstores will have it IRL. I’ll be waiting at the doors.

5 Things I like this week – Spring time fun times!


I cannot believe it is April already. The year is going so so fast! So many plans and ideas… so little time! I’ve been working on Christmas illustrations already (yes, in March) and trying to do more exercise (which means embarrassing myself at dance classes) along with being pretty busy at work. I bought a new camera though and am sooo excited. I hate lugging my DSLR around and I’m lazy with it, so hopefully this will be easier for documenting fun things and posting on here!

Here are 5 things I like right now…

1. Topshop Moto Denim dress – When people talk about wearing ‘basics’ only, I’d consider denim dresses one of my favourite basics. I think I could live in them all year. They go with everything! This is my favourite one I’ve seen recently while browsing them online.

2. Korres Lip Butter stick – I love love loveeee Korres, everything smells so good and is amazing. There is barely ever any in stock in Liberty’s (in London) so I find it best to order their stuff online (try FeelUnique). The lip butter sticks are my favorite product of theirs, I use the tinted ones and think the red one is awesome. It’s like wearing a really thin coat of lipstick but super nourishing. Best discovery ever. I recently got the plain one too for all day every day wear.

3. Fujifilm X-M1 Camera in silver – The new camera! After a lot of research on photography and camera websites, 1000 reviews read later, I decided on the X-M1 with an additional lens (27mm pancake lens) even smaller to carry round. Lets hope it’s good.

4. ASOS Leather biker boots – These seem to keep going down in price?! Anyway, love them, want them, definitely do not need them. But they’re a good looking pair of boots.

5.  Rose gold quartz crystal necklace from Crystal Cactus. – I think all the necklaces on this site are lovely. It is ran by mega internet babe Audrey Kitching. However, a quick search on eBay you can deffo buy those crystals for super super cheap if you can be bothered to make one yourself! I might have a go..

5 Things I like this week – The ‘I’ve got fucking dry socket’ edition


Gotta say, I’ve had the worst few days ever, including the worst pain I’ve had in my life (and I’ve had pneumonia really bad before), I present to you my friends: wisdom tooth extraction, followed by the dreaded ‘dry socket’ (sexy I know). My jaw bone is on show to the world right now, and it fucking hurts.

Anyway I bought myself these glorious ASOS boots earlier when I got back from hospital to cheer myself up…  nothing like a bit of retail therapy when you damn well cannot afford it.

1. Topshop ‘MOM’ jeans in black – these are high waisted and thanks to Josie I may now need to go down to Oxford St to try these on, I hate wearing trousers because I have an internal monologue that tells me they make me look too short and chubs. I know, I know, such a girl. Anyway these look like a really good fit, and high waisted is a winner cause it makes short people look tall! Please note: it was only last week I said at work I wouldn’t be seen dead in ‘mom’ jeans.

2. Topshop Sasha cat eye sunglasses – Why do they sell these shades in the middle of winter? They are too good, if I don’t buy them now I fear they won’t exist come summer! But helloooo, it was hail stoning today and I ain’t Mary-Kate or Ashley : / and I’m not in DUBAI anymore.

3. The ASOS boots as mentioned above! I thought these were a good cheaper (not leather mind you, kind of a pet hate in boots..) version of The White Pepper Walker boot, but for like only £35 instead of £90. I hope they are nice IRL or I will cry while stuffing my face full of paracetamol, ibuprofen and clove oil.

4. Marc Jacobs Baker leather watch – Omg I did buy this. I was obsessed with it for weeks and had to get it…. it’s so beautiful in real life and I’ll wear it every day forever and ever! January is a terrible month isn’t it?

5. Silver hoop earrings from Claires – Don’t think I’ve been there since I was about 13 but hey, I just remembered I had my ears pierced after watching some shitty Channel 4 documentary about people who regret body mods and kind of got the urge to wear some small hoops?

P.S I totally have loads more Dubai pictures to come, but have been way too dead to even think about it.

Hello, my name is Paul Smith

This weekend I visited the ‘Hello, my name is Paul Smith’ exhibition which is currently showing at the Design Museum. I would highly recommend you go and see this if you can, it’s been extended because it’s so popular. I’ve never been hugely into Paul Smith’s clothes, but I love his taste and have seen photos of his studio before. This exhibition really takes you into Paul’s world and takes you into his present, his past, and his humble beginnings in Nottingham with his afghan hound dog! It’s a visual treat and full of lots of lovely interesting images and photos. It’s a very beautiful display of colour! Also the pinks. Omg. I wish i’d taken my SLR!
image_3 image_7 image_8 image_9
girl image_10 image_12 image_13