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My work space/desk! – A peek into my home.

I love seeing other people’s work areas/desks/studios/bedrooms, so here are some photos of mine. I was asked to do this a few weeks ago for a friends website, and only got round to it so thought I’d post them here too!
I don’t have a studio or a spare room to work in (London rent is already bloody enough) so use half my bedroom as a working area for my illustration work/drawing/photoshop marathons. I LOVE toys.. and do collect them. I have a few vintage Fisher Price wheeled animals and lots of Lapin & Me toys as I’ve drawn them quite a lot for the shop in the past year. pens
light kewpie
I found this Kewpie in a bin on Kingsland Road! Haha, I did have to wash it a lot, god only knows what it was covered in… The silver lamp above is Ikea and I love it.
I do try and change the pictures here up a bit, I don’t tend to put much illustration up as I prefer photos, paintings or bits of design (doing illustration kind of makes you sick of looking at other illustration and I also think it’s best if you don’t!). But I do have some vintage illustration bits up, alongside two recent artists Nathalie Lete and Yoshitomo Nara because they are two of my all time favourites. Also I’ve got a few bits of Ana Albero’s work stuck up, an illustrator from Berlin who’s work I really
A cute little pen I got from Berlin & below some MT tapes. (I LOVE STATIONARY, especially Japanese!). tape

So there we go, where I spend quite a bit of time! I hope you liked this sneaky peek of my flat!

Barbican – The Conservatory

The Barbican, my favourite place in London (probably). I just love it, it has everything good (see: delicious cake, live music, exhibitions) AND… The Conservatory – a wonderful hidden giant garden in the centre of London.
There are all the plants, greens and concrete you could ever need, and ponds with fish. It is possibly the best place ever?hennbsconcrete conservshot2 hangingbasketsgreenlight leavesandtrees pink
Dress: The White Pepper Necklace: My Flash Trash
painty portraitpink pots stairs
So many Cactus’ (or cacti?!)potscacti2 walkwayup windowsAmazing ponds… and how good and matching is this girls outfit?
closepots cactipots cacti

Sundays in East London – Columbia Road flower market

Sundays are where all the plant related fun happens! From 8am-2pm the flower market is bustling on Columbia Road. There is every plant and flower you can dream of: indoor, houseplant, outdoor! Most of which are under a tenner. You can kit your whole house out with beautiful bouquets for £20 if you please (why not?!)

crowd flowergirlThe best part about the flower market is the men on the stalls. There was an amazing guy today who was pretty much doing stand up the whole time. Apparently you should buy his flowers because – “I need money, I’m going on a stag weekend to North Korea”. He fully had a crowd!orangetree
What I wore – Dress: Ark Clothing Shoes: Superga in Grey Sage Sunglasses: Topshop – Sasha Metal Arm (sold out in black but similar here!)  Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag: Zara  pinkpineapples How good are these pineapples!? I had never seen pink ones before.. You learn something new…

“It’s not the camera that takes the picture; it’s the person.” – David Bailey

This weekend I went to see Bailey’s Stardust at the National Portrait Gallery, it is definitely worth a visit if you have time to go before it ends at the beginning of June.
I love his fashion photography most of all, and have a soft spot for all of his photos of Queen Moss…
Warhol & David <3dogsman
^Man (sorry I have forgotten who) with dogs, one of my favourites!eastend
Bailey’s portraits of the East End were also a highlight of the exhibition, these huge ones were so good and there were plenty more! katemoss nelson
The Rolling Stones. km