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A little rainy French trip to Dieppe & Rouen

This weekend me and Henry went on a trip to Dieppe and Rouen, both in France. We took an overnight ferry with his parents from Newhaven. The sea was REALLY rough – nobody was sick but oh god it was an experience trying to sleep in a weird cabin being chucked around your little bed! The ferry arrived to Dieppe around 8am, luckily we didn’t sink or hit an iceberg… So it was on our way to the hotel! (Which FYI had Christmas decorations still up?!). 1 hour of napping later we drove to Rouen…
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Soap & Glory – The Next Big Thing

I love Soap & Glory products so much. I’ve always got a couple of body washes or creams on the go at once, and I adore their blusher/bronzers. When I saw the limited edition Christmas box in my local boots for £29 obviously I bought one! There are so many nice products in this years and I love that they keep them all full size. You definitely get your money’s worth (especially if Boots are not doing 3 for 2 on Soap & Glory).

‘The Next Big Thing’ box is illustrated by Hattie Stewart who was in the year above me at uni, it’s so nice to see people doing well from the same course! I think the illustrations she has done suit the brand perfectly.soapandglorybox

The products in the box are:

1. THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER Body Butter – This is probably my favourite smell out of them all. It has the classic Soap & Glory smell, delicious Shea butter. It’s quite sweet but not too sickly! The product also is so good and makes your skin super soft. Works really well on legs.

2. HAND DREAM Super Cream – I do like the other hand cream by S&G (Hand Food) but I don’t think it is a strong enough hand cream for me as I get very dry hands. I actually think I prefer this one though, again it has the classic Soap & Glory smell but absorbs super quick and actually feels way more moisturizing than Hand Food. It does say that is is ‘Super Intensive’ so maybe that’s why. I don’t think it’s as good as Aesop but for 1/3 of the price it is pretty good. I’ll use this as a second cream though – to keep by my bed.

3. ORANGEASM Body Wash – At first I thought the smell of this was a bit weird if I’m honest. But I don’t tend to like certain fruity smells for bath and shower products, I tend to stick to floral and creamy smelling stuff. BUT! I gave it a go and it smells so much nicer when you actually use it rather than just sniffing it from the bottle. It’s not as overpowering as I thought it might be. It’s not a wash I would have purchased, as I do LOVE the Clean, Girls body wash they do, but now I’ve tried it I actually do like it.

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5 Things I like – Wintery December items

Hello, it’s been a while! I started a new job (at the same company) in November, so have been super busy with that. I’ve also been working on quite a lot of illustration stuff. Those two things combined, the past two months have just flown by.

Here are a couple of items I have been stalking over the past few weeks between Facebook advertising campaigns, presentations and drawing animals.

1. Kenzo Eiffel tower jersey sweatshirt – from Selfridges: I am checking this every single day to see if it’s back in stock in a medium. I have been a little obsessed with the Eiffel tower lately and then this jumper happened and I need it!

2. Petit Bateau striped sweatshirt:  Another month, another striped sweatshirt. Like a lot of gals my age, I own a lot of striped tops/jumpers. However I can never have enough.

3. Eyeko – Eye Do liquid eyeliner: I don’t wear eyeliner very often, because 1. It’s a lot of effort in mornings and i’m not a morning person at all, and 2.  I also wear glasses to work every day so don’t see the point! But on a special occasion or a weekend it’s nice to crack out a lovely cat eye. I’ve heard about this eyeliner for a while and would like to try it, as my current drugstore eyeliner doesn’t stay very well.. if anyone reading this can recommend me other brands/or other good eyeliners too, that would be great!

4. Red Boucle coat from Warehouse: Isn’t this just the perfect shade of red? I think with brown hair this would look amazing! And it’s in the sale..

5. Michael Kors Selma large top-zip satchel: I love the Selma satchel and have done for so long. So… finally I caved in and I bought it, in black! It’s one of the most expensive clothing related items I’ve bought but I use it every day already and it’s so plain and hard wearing it will last forever and goes with most of my wardrobe. I love it.. and want it in every colour!

Lush Christmas and Halloween – A haul

Oh god, I am pretty obsessed with the shop at the moment. The Lush Christmas and Halloween range is so good. The top glitter Sparkly Pumpkin is probably my favourite Lush item ever?! I’ve already had two baths with one of them and think I might need to stockpile. It’s a bubble bar with a hint of cinnamon – it smells perfectly Autumnal and is mega warming in a cozy big bath.

What else I picked up…

The purple glittery star is Wizard bubble bar – he’s special edition for Halloween only (like the pumpkin nooooooo) and smells delicious. With hints of tangerine and fennel he also smells like the outdoors at this time of year but with a hint of sweetness. I can’t wait to try this one.

Celestial face moisturizer – My skin has been a bit crap recently, so I thought I’d try a new moisturizer, the texture is silky and light and it does not have any overbearing smells (which I cannot stand in face moisturizers as it makes me paranoid I’ll break out) – I’ve put this on my face this evening and it is the right amount of moisture, not too soggy if you know what I mean and it has absorbed well!

Father Christmas bath bomb – This is the same smell as Snow Fairy (the shower gel) except less strong – which is good by me as I do think Snow Fairy is a bit too sickly sweet. This is a lighter version and it’s much nicer. To be honest I don’t think there is a Lush shower gel I like actually? Anyway, I haven’t tried this bath bomb yet but it goes from red to green in the bath, which I imagine will look pretty cool!

Candy Mountain bubble bar – Omg, this smells sooooo good. I have had a bath with one of these already and they are amazing. The smell is so delicious and vanilla-y and your whole body smells like it the next day. And it makes your skin super soft and moisturized. It’s probably the nicest smelling thing. Stockpile.

Pop In The Bath bubble bar – I definitely prefer the Lush bubble bars to the actual bath bombs, they are so much more moisturizing and leave a nice smell on you – more so! This one smells very refreshing and light. You can also get two baths out of one of these which is always good.

The Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar – I went a bit BUBBLE BAR mad. This one is SO CUTE! Look at him! And his smell really reminds me of the Aesop Resurrection Aromatic hand balm (which is buff btw). It feels really soft – you can tell it’s going to be really moisturizing by the texture.

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb – (Picture below). This is probably my favourite bath bomb i’ve ever tried from Lush, it looks amazing when it’s in! It literally does look like the night sky. The top layer of water is covered in a light glittery sheen – but not too much that you’re covered in it. It also smells pretty fresh but I’d say the visual appeal of this bath bomb is way cooler than the smell!

Processed with VSCOcam with n1 presetI have to admit that sometimes I am a little hesitant to step into the physical stores as I HATE the weird harassing sales thing they do in there – it’s a bit unbearable (personally). I’d rather look myself and ask for help if I need it. They have really good products, so I wish they wouldn’t do it as I do like browsing in there. Anyway! Have you been into Lush lately and picked anything up? I would love to know :) x

What I wore today: Glasgow Saturday night

Me and Henry have been staying in Glasgow this weekend at my aunty and uncle’s house. It is so nice and bright! They have so much.. space! Unlike my crappy third floor box flat in London.

This is what I wore to go out for a meal at The Ubiquitous Chip which was AMAZING! So much Scottish steak and prosecco. The best steak I’ve ever eaten.

Embroidered insect jumper is H&M (I LOVE IT!). Leather look shorts: H&M (I can’t find the exact ones online but I think they’re new in store this week as I hadn’t seen them before!). Boots: Zara. Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.  insecttop
The 9 illustrations in the background are by me : )