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Winter clothes wishlist, illustrated! ASOS, Zoe Karssen, Vagabond & more.

I thought I’d draw my current winter clothing wishlist instead of showing you photos. It’s more fun this way?! Also sometimes I think drawing clothes gets out the need to want to buy them. Is that weird?! Actually.. who am I kidding!

Anyway! Here are all the items:

1. ASOS Bonded coat with pocket detail – This has gone in the sale and I love the 60’s style of it – except it’s kind of more modern with it’s slouchy fit! I think the colour is perfect.

2. Zoe Karssen bat jumper – Well I’ve been wanting this for ageesss! I’m not into bats very much to be honest but this has been in my wishlist for a couple of months. I think it’s the fit and the messy style of the bat?!

3. COS contrast panel dress – Black. Loose but not too loose! And simple. All 3 of those things are good traits in a dress.

4. Petit Bateau iconic heavy jersey breton top – A warm and good quality version of a simple piece.

5. Vagabond Kenova Chelsea boots in black – I tried these on in Urban Outfitters (I now wish I didn’t) and they are soooo comfy! They are also the ultimate perfect height for boots. At £90 they’re not the cheapest but they are leather so probably would last!

6. Mulberry Kensington in black – Basically everything about this bag is the best. “A cross between a bucket tote and a smartly structured satchel” – can it get any better? At £995 – we can dream on buddy.

7. American Apparel ‘Easy Jean’ – To be totally honest, no jean is easy. Jeans are the worst nightmare piece of clothing to get the right fit and size in ever. I’d like to test these jeans at their claim of being easy. They also look like they would suit short legged people like me.

What’s on your winter wishlist? x

What I wore today – Sunday’s outfit

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
I haven’t done one of these for a while – SOZ. Do you find mirror iphone selfies acceptable?! My room is also a tip so apologies about that (see: giant haribo bag on desk!). But here is what I wore yesterday. I am so happy it’s now cold enough to warrant jumpers and tights. Autumn is the best for clothes!

Grey sweatshirt – H&M
Skirt – The White Pepper
Shirt – Topshop (just a white blouse)
Phone case – Marc by Marc Jacobs from Liberty

BRB buying everything from Weekday – 5 things I like

I recently discovered the brand Weekday and for my own sake kind of wish I hadn’t. I might be realllly late to the party on this one as it is owned by Cheap Monday but I way prefer everything in the online store for Weekday than the offerings from Cheap Monday. It was hard to pin down a small list of items I like but here are 5 pieces I particularly enjoy and come payday might end up ‘accidentally’ getting bought.

1. MTWTFSS Weekday woven t-shirt in a Giraffe style print! – How amazing is this top? I saw blogger EssieButton wearing it in a recent post and fell in love with it. Can’t fault a good animal print. I think the cut of this one is nice too.

2. Grey Formiga sweater – You can never have enough grey sweatshirts, they go with everything! This one looks good quality for £23 and is such a nice dark shade. I’d also recommend checking out H&M right now as they have so many grey sweatshirts for £6 a pop (I bought two)!

3. Trinity set of gold rings – So simple and so nice. I think even just wearing one on it’s own would look super sweet.

4. PC Vain Denim Skirt – This is like my perfect skirt ever. It is denim, a dark colour, pleated like a gym skirt, and kind of similar to the American Apparel skirts which are way too short so can’t bring myself to buy! This is like a 1000% better version. Need.

5. Printed tee – Is this supposed to be Kate Moss?! Or does it just really look like her? Either way the delicate pencil drawing is something you don’t often see on nice quality high street t-shirts. I think it’s lovely.

Had you heard of Weekday or bought anything from there in the past? Let me know what you think of the sizing or quality if so! x

Small homeware haul – IKEA and other bits

pineappleI go through phases where I’ll buy lots of things for my flat, then nothing for ages. Recently I’ve felt like changing my room around a bit, so here are a few things I’ve purchased!

Above: Pineapple (it opens and you can put stuff in it!) is from JOY. I saw it in the Brighton store but the one they had was broken. They didn’t/don’t have it online *sadface* – cue my happiness when I spotted it in the Angel Islington store window, it was mine! I believe it is £12.
Duvet set from IKEA (literally only a fiver! – I love the pattern). White tea light holder also from IKEA. The  Orange tea light holder is from Oliver Bonas and was around £5 (I can’t find it online but I’ve seen them in a couple of stores, I think you can get other colours too – correct me if I’m wrong!)
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5 Things I like this week – Autumn August wish list


I generally don’t like summer clothes as much as Autumn and Winter, so am happy to see the new A/W collections for this year coming into the shops! My current favourite *surprise surprise* is the new White Pepper jersey collection! I love most of it, especially the blue jumper and grey combo above! I reckon they would look super nice with the amazing headphones above which I have been stalking for weeks and debating forking out for.

In other news I have been working on a new design for this here blog, I am so picky and also I do not naturally/easily think in web designing ways so it takes me ages to actually get something I’m happy with (& I hate what it looks like at the moment!). So soon! Very soon! My new design is almost ready, wooooo!

1. Rose Gold Frends Layla headphones – You can get them from Amazon for £118. I’ve seen a few people sporting these around Shoreditch and they do look amazing!

2.  Blue jumper from The White Pepper – I love the little zip detail on this. AND it’s my favourite shade of blue for clothes, I have another Topshop sweater in this colour that I have worn to death.

3.  Boden leopard print flats – At around the £100 mark for a pair of flats, my first thought is no! Flats don’t last at the best of times, never mind in bad weather, buuuut they are pretty and if you are rich or splashy with the cash then maybe you’d buy them rather than me! ; )

4. Zoeva make-up brushes – I’ve read quite a bit about these brushes lately on blogs and vlogs, they are pretty cheap and apparently amazing quality so might have to bag myself some! £52 for 6 ain’t bad! You can buy them here.

5. Grey sweater and high waisted jersey skirt from The White Pepper – This outfit looks ridiculously comfortable… hopefully there will be another sample sale soon : D