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5 things I like this week


Autumn! My favourite season. The best clothes. Layers, jumpers, coats, tights. I always love loads of things in the shops at the time of the year which is dangerous. I’m going on holiday at the end of December to Dubai (my boyfriend grew up there) and i’m fearing all of these items are too ‘English summer rain’ style for a middle eastern country! I don’t really do swimwear though…

1. Kenzo Eye-print sweater from Net-A-Porter – I love sweater jumpers at the moment, they are so comfy and look quite smart with a white blouse underneath, this one has sold out : ( but Monki do some nice ones that are a good substitute!

2. Lime green necklace from Topshop – The texture and colour of this necklace is so nice. It feels all ‘matte’ but at the same time shiny. Does that make sense? Anyway it feels nice and I want it. That green is the perfect green!

3. Bright blue ‘Boucle Raglan Coat’ from Jaeger – Oh jeez, perfect shade of blue. A lot of their other coats have gone in the sale so i’m holding out for this one. Come on….

4. Bright pink chiffon shirt dress from Topshop – Maybe this is ‘holiday’ friendly? It’s very bright and fun.

5. Orla Kiely glasses from Boots – I have some stupid eye condition at the moment from contact lenses and i’ve been wearing my glasses everyday (painful), it has made me realise I should probably get a second pair… right?

5 things I like this week


I feel like I have not been on the ‘blogging horse’ lately. Posts few and far between. I guess my ‘real life’ has been quite busy recently (including two weekends not in London) and so the motivation was well and truly lost during the weekdays passing by. But fear not my friends, it is now time to get back on this shit, if any of you give a shit! These are the five things I need/want/dream about this week!

1. Red leather bag from Topshop – looks so soft, mmm. Bloody hell though, since i’ve been writing this blog post it has sold out. It seemed to go in the sale, hot damn…

2. Petit Bateau Navy parka in showerproof cotton – A coat. A nice coat. It’s something I should actually buy, but can’t be bothered to be poor all month to actually buy it.

3. Bear star constellation brooch from Tatty Divine – Shiny and black. Perfect.

4. Petit Bateau heavy jersey shirt – I’m getting my wisdom teeth out this week and I think this will be my reward to myself. A £56 stripey jersey top. Overpriced, yes. Worth it, probably.

5. The White Pepper leather sandals – I bought these, they shall be with me soon, so soon! Maybe not the most practical shoes ever for winter but whatever, I DON’T CARE! Socks and tights are the best combo ever so i’ll be able to whip that out a lot with these… I love most items on The White Pepper. There is serious restraint on this keyboard right here.

5 things I like this week


1. Mini skirt in cow print. Moo moo milky from Zara – Cow kinda goes well with this dusky pink don’t you think?

2. Nice and warm wooly jumper from Topshop – SEPTEMBER is the best month! Cold and warm, but the best month for wearing the best clothes. Jumpers, boots, tights. But not too cold or rainy (good for the fringe.)

3. Mulberry Alexa in Blush – Well good if you have got £1100 to chuck at a bag, which by the way I do not. But I can think about it yeah? Though would I just get mugged if I ever bought a nice bag? Someone tried to rob me on my bicycle when I only had a tote bag! Like really, is this a concern in London!? Can you insure expensive bags?

4. Little metal bracelet from COS – I’m getting all matchy matchy here. Would look cute with the jumper though I think!

5. Amazing Abigail boots from Topshop – Well, i’ll probably buy these, because I am obsessed with boots and always buy them from Topshop despite their boots always getting ruined within a couple of months..