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What I wore today

I love the colour of this jumper so much, and it sort of goes with way more than I thought it would. Also I just realized that my photos from last weeks forest trip I was wearing this same dress as here, what can I say… I get obsessed with wearing the same couple of dresses in rotation with lots of different things.

Jumper: H&M
Dress: H&M
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Juju

P.S My WIWT posts are few and far between because I am the worst morning person EVER, there is no way in hell I could do these photos before work, I barely look awake/don’t put make up on till I’ve cycled as fast as I could up the hill to work. I’d like to try keep this up on weekends though! Xx

Chloë Sevigny serious girl crush

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My internet has been broken for a week pretty much, hell! I’m an addict, seriously. This week has included using my iphone as a hot spot and paying £18 for the total shit that is BI-WIFI with “fon” (whatever that is) mainly so I could search pictures of Chloë Sevigny on Pinterest. Who is pretty much my ‘girl crush’. Anyway, happy days as our internet was fixed today and we have a nice new modem that works, so posts commence & crisis averted. BRB More stalking of Chloë…

5 things I like this week


1. Deadly Ponies Mr mini fill n zip fur handbag from Celestine Eleven. – How amazing is this? If only it wasn’t £530…

2. Blue NW3 Charlie Dress from Hobbs. – Very simple and such a nice cut. Would be the kind of dress you can wear in lots of different ways! Think the uniform project.

3. Beige vinyl coat from Topshop – very 60’s. Love love love.

4. Fluffy pink jumper from Topshop – Hurry along now summer, there’s too many pretty knits to wear come the colder temperature. Dressing for summer sucks.

5. Paris pencils from Etsy – I want to go back to Paris so much. These would do for now though I guess!

5 things I like this week


1. Black patent boots from Bertie – I have a bit of an obsession with patent shoes. These are pretty glorious..

2. Rose gold arrow hope earrings from I Adorn U – Love these. Not a big earring fan at all but they’re nice.

3. Nugget necklace from Wolf and Moon – Glitter and my favourite shade of blue, win.

4. Patent leather skirt from Topshop – A perfect shade of grey. And shiny…

5. Bag from Audrey Jeanne – I love her illustrations, very simple, a bit weird but cute too.

What I wore today.

Dressing like a school girl, as usual!

Dress: Urban Outfitters (there is so much good stuff in UO at the moment, I WANT IT ALL!)
Shirt: H&M
Boots: Topshop
Watch: Urban Outfitters