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Oxford University Museum of Natural History

horseAt the weekend I visited Oxford (my boyfriends parents live there) and so we took a trip to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers. Both museums are incredible and a lot better than plenty of London museums so well worth a trip. You can get the bus (Oxford tube) for around £13 return and it only takes an hour and a bit from London! Both museums are so good to draw in, I wish I had longer to draw there! All photos in this post are from the Museum of Natural History, I’ll put together photos from Pitt Rivers museum in another post, I took sooooo many! Hope you like them!

The building is AMAZING!
Canis lupus!
sittinglittlepal bones

Hanging out with the dog pals

The pals are Poppy and Daisy, my dogs from home! The doglets like to play on York Racecourse for big runs and playing with other dogs/pigeons/balls/treats. Doggy spam commence…
sisspoppy racecourse
Gazing off into the distance..sisters
I wonder if Daisy would be embarrassed by this shot? sky

Dubai pt. 3 – Sunsets and giant malls

dubhhsburjThe top photo was the only grey day in Dubai and it looked amazing, the desert looks very moody when it’s cloudy! The sunsets in Dubai are also amazing… I’ve never seen the sun so big. We went to watch the sun go down next to Burj Al Arab which was so nice.

Sunset is also when everyone appears to go hang out at the mall. You can go at 11pm and families are there eating fast food with their kids, toddlers and all. They must have the best lie ins every day. The malls in Dubai are insane, they literally have every shop EVER and huge ones at that. We went to the world’s biggest mall a couple of times (The Dubai Mall) which is where the Burj Khalifa (the world’s biggest building) sits too, and it is crazy big. There is also a comical fountain that dances (srsly check out this youtube to see what I mean) and everyone is so happy, it played the most ridiculous music too. Note: the Burj Khalifa is impossible to take a photo of, it’s genuinely too big! It really was incredible though, despite being bloody ridiculous.burjkal
Inside the mall…
horsemall fooodmm
Mall food and casual mall aquarium with sharks in, why not?mallfish mall
Walking back to Henry’s sisters flat…

Dubai pt. 2 – Desert sand dunes!

My friend Danny drove us into the desert just outside of the city, it was actually amazing! It never rains in Dubai really, but this day it was quite gloomy and raining a tiny bit. It felt very surreal. On the drive down, there are so many little local stores which are incredible, all selling amazing snacks (please take note: if you ever go to the UAE, buy salad chips, they are THE BEST!) We stopped off and got some good stuff for the car journey and when we got there we walked around and watched lots of people riding bikes on the dunes!

bin head hhhhhh mesand
I love that there are UAE flags everywhere!uaesuper
This supermarket almost rivals my local in Hoxton which is called ‘Yours best supermarket’…uaeeee dubazThe drive back home!

Dubai – Beach and Palm Islands times

Over New Year’s I went on holiday to Dubai. Henry (my boyfriend) grew up there as his parents taught English in a school. Over the past 2+ years I had heard lots about it but never been, until now! …And it was completely different to how I imagined. I really honestly thought I wouldn’t like it there much but I LOVED it. It’s really hard to actually imagine what it’s like without seeing it. It’s not as ridiculous and weird as it seems. There are a lot of ‘big’ things, but then everything is very spaced out so it feels not as big. Also you have to get taxi’s EVERYWHERE. The vibes are really friendly and I felt like it’s a pretty positive place. It is technically winter there at the moment, however that means temperatures of around 24 which was perfect. Here are some pictures I took at the beaches we went to, one of which was on The Palm!