5 Things I like this week – SUMMER is here!

So it was 36 degrees in Berlin, and now it’s super hot in London too! Hooray, but also not hooray cause I am so shit at dressing in the heat (I way prefer to HIDE my body, not get it out!). I have got better since my teenage years (um, goth vibes I’m-not-getting-a-tan anyone?) but still feel that I don’t have enough summery clothes that I like or feel comfortable in. Does anyone else feel like that? I wayyy prefer the offerings of the high street in winter and autumn and struggle to find lots of summer clothes I like.

But! Here are 5 things I have spotted recently:

1. Poppy Lissiman Evil Eye Clutch – Oh god, it is back in stock… um, well pre-order. But with shipping to the UK it is £55!!! For a clutch. Not sure I can convince myself, can I???? I love it so much… and have done since seeing it on the mega babes How Two Live. It’s been on my mind for months…

2. Miu Miu Rasoir eyeglasses from Pretavoir – I love most of the Miu Miu glasses, but having not been able to (so far) find anywhere near me that stocks them am hesitant to order any online! I would never buy glasses without trying them on, mainly because it is so easy for them to look wrong or bad. You have to get the right shape for your face otherwise you’ll just look like a terrible awkward nerd. #HANNAHGLASSESADVICE101.

3. Palmairas Nubuck tan sandals from Palmairas – My boyfriend recently built these ladies their newest website, which is how I found out about this brand. I actually really like them though, and for £38 I think they are a total bargain! Very summery and cute.

4. Topshop Mix tile print dress – I do love a good wall full of patterned tiles and therefore love the print on this dress! It is the kind of dress you buy and wear a lot but then get bored of it cause it’s quite intense, but for £45 it’s probably worth it!

5. Micheal Kors rabbit fur pom charm – Did anyone else spy Louise from Made In Chelsea with the rad fluffy bag charm on her (beaut) baby blue Michael Kors bag? JUST ME? Well I kinda searched the internet for one and came across this fluffball. But also I think Louise’ is from this site here: Poppy London, which is cheaper and London based.

P.S The new WordPress update is sexy. :nerd:

Berlin – Michelberger Hotel & The Berlin Wall

Me and Henry went to Berlin for my birthday two weeks ago now, and it was so good! The weather was bloody hot hot hot, and we did loads of exploring and ate a lot of fun food.  We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel which a couple of people recommended to me, it was amazing! On my birthday We Are Scientists played a gig in their backyard – which we had no idea was going to happen. As well as being a hotel, they have a pretty cool bar/restaurant and also put on shows regularly, the hotel even makes it’s own delicious coconut water and…. shoes (according to their website)?!monkeyhotel
The breakfast buffet was slightly expensive at 16 euros, but super delicious and it was all you can eat, if you can eat a lot at once (I can’t) then worth it even more! The eggs and bacon were dreamy..
bread inourrestaurant
mhbrekkieAfter delicious breakfast, we did the biggest walk ever on the first day, it was 36 degrees which in a city is quite painful!
berlinwalldog2berlinwall girlwall
Obligatory Berlin Wall shots.. meberlinwall
Back at the hotel.. We are Scientists! wearesciento
And a good end to a pretty evening in Kreuzberg!

Lately in my sketchbook

I have been drawing lots and lots so here are some peeks into my recent sketchbook. Drawings from Oxford, and Berlin, some mice and more! hungry mammals musmusculusstrawb
Below = brush pens are the BEST.oxford

Barbican – The Conservatory

The Barbican, my favourite place in London (probably). I just love it, it has everything good (see: delicious cake, live music, exhibitions) AND… The Conservatory – a wonderful hidden giant garden in the centre of London.
There are all the plants, greens and concrete you could ever need, and ponds with fish. It is possibly the best place ever?hennbsconcrete conservshot2 hangingbasketsgreenlight leavesandtrees pink
Dress: The White Pepper Necklace: My Flash Trash
painty portraitpink pots stairs
So many Cactus’ (or cacti?!)potscacti2 walkwayup windowsAmazing ponds… and how good and matching is this girls outfit?
closepots cactipots cacti

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

horseAt the weekend I visited Oxford (my boyfriends parents live there) and so we took a trip to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers. Both museums are incredible and a lot better than plenty of London museums so well worth a trip. You can get the bus (Oxford tube) for around £13 return and it only takes an hour and a bit from London! Both museums are so good to draw in, I wish I had longer to draw there! All photos in this post are from the Museum of Natural History, I’ll put together photos from Pitt Rivers museum in another post, I took sooooo many! Hope you like them!

The building is AMAZING!
Canis lupus!
sittinglittlepal bones