5 Things I like this week – Oh heyyyy, May!


1. Zip It Bag from Nasty Gal – I really want a bucket bag, but can’t find any good ones in the UK I like for under £50! This one from Nasty Gal is good though, and less.

2. Most likely fake, ‘Chanel’ perfume bottle phone case, so tacky but I love it… ^___^ just search Google and you can find them on Etsy and eBay, for dirt cheap.

3. Superga x The Row – I cannot find these online for sale anywhere :'(, the most similar are here. But I love the material on these ones and the highlights of the gold! Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are the shit.

4. Neat rib sweatshirt from Topshop – You can never have enough jumpers like this, with a white shirt underneath it looks super smart.

5. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso – So as I mentioned in this blog post, I am pretty into this woman. Her book comes out in a week, hooray! You can pre-order it here. Amazon doesn’t seem to have it on pre-order at the moment. Hopefully the London bookstores will have it IRL. I’ll be waiting at the doors.

Sundays in East London – Columbia Road flower market

Sundays are where all the plant related fun happens! From 8am-2pm the flower market is bustling on Columbia Road. There is every plant and flower you can dream of: indoor, houseplant, outdoor! Most of which are under a tenner. You can kit your whole house out with beautiful bouquets for £20 if you please (why not?!)

crowd flowergirlThe best part about the flower market is the men on the stalls. There was an amazing guy today who was pretty much doing stand up the whole time. Apparently you should buy his flowers because – “I need money, I’m going on a stag weekend to North Korea”. He fully had a crowd!orangetree
What I wore – Dress: Ark Clothing Shoes: Superga in Grey Sage Sunglasses: Topshop – Sasha Metal Arm (sold out in black but similar here!)  Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag: Zara  pinkpineapples How good are these pineapples!? I had never seen pink ones before.. You learn something new…

Girl crush, #girlboss – Sophia Amoruso


I am in love with this woman, she is really inspiring. Sophia Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal vintage, an ebay shop that started on the side, turned million dollar e-commerce business. She’s a full time child of social media, who’s business was basically transformed by sites like MySpace.

Sophia was 22 when she decided to sell vintage clothes on eBay after vintage stores were adding her on her MySpace account. She thought she could start her own eBay store to make money as she had a keen eye in local thrift stores and liked styling and photographing her friends. What I like best is that Sophia did not set out to make Nasty Gal a multi million pound business, it just sort of happened, with lots of hard work. When she started Nasty Gal she had been working in a sleuth of rubbish jobs that she hated to pay her rent, Art school admin, lawn watering, Subway sandwiches, and so on! We have all been there (well, anyone who has to pay their own way and start at the bottom).

1000 positive feedbacks later, and $1500 for an $8 dollar coat, Sophia was sick of not being able to ‘own’ her customers on eBay, she couldn’t send them customised newsletters or promotions, and would easily lose customers due to the UI of eBay’s search and ‘similar seller’ functions. She promised her customers that NastyGal.com was coming, and set about building her own shop with the help of a high school friend.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 15.44.06

Turns out her eBay customers stayed loyal, she bombarded MySpace with countless ‘bulletins’ and used illegal software to spam ‘add friends’ in certain areas and age groups, and it worked! Her shop launch was a sell out. Realising that re-stocking vintage was becoming unsustainable when it was selling so quick, Sophia started going to trade shows and buying new designs from upcoming designers. She would pick the ‘weird’ stuff, the clothes that most shops don’t buy. It was trial and error, some customers hated it, some liked it, and she watched her stock carefully to see what her customer liked and disliked. She was very focused on the customer at all times. From speaking on social media to them personally, to making sure she was keeping the Nasty Gal customer happy and in mind during all aspects of running the business.


^ The good old days :’)

A few years pass, and Nasty Gal gets bigger. The power of social media helps Nasty Gal to take off even further than it already had. Eventually she upped sticks after a couple of moves into suburban locations, and settled the business in LA, which is where the business resides currently and continues to be a success.


I work in tech by day, and one day hope to have my own online business. Stories like Sophia’s fill me with inspiration. It doesn’t matter what your past or your age is, you can always start something small yourself. You just have to have a good idea, be into it, work hard and be savvy about it. Working crappy jobs, having no money/being poor and less experience than others doesn’t have to set you back. It can all be learning experiences and contributes to how you form your future! It’s how you go about it and teach yourself along the way that matters. Carpe diem and all that!

Sophia’s new book #girlboss is out in the UK at the end of May and I can’t wait to get it.

The video below is an awesome interview, it’s 2 hours long though so watch it when you have time, I swear it will make you start writing out your own business plan!

(Almost) Sugar-free Vegan Nutella.

NUTELLA! Possibly the best food ever!? Unfortunately also extremely unhealthy and full of added sugar. So for sugar addicts, how exciting is it to create a healthy sugar free delicious version!?

The original recipe I took inspiration from was from Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ book, but I changed it slightly as I do not think using maple syrup is too bad for you. From lots of research, I think if sugar is naturally occurring it shouldn’t be so demonized (fructose/fruits, honey, maple syrup) and as long as it is eaten in moderate amounts it is perfectly fine (in my opinion!).

Maple Syrup is harvested naturally from maple trees and contains lots of iron and calcium. Make sure you buy 100% Canadian maple syrup, as maple syrup flavoured syrups will have lots of added sugars!

The taste? Well I think this version is obviously less sweet and more nutty, but it is still pretty convincing and damn well delicious!

You will need:

  • 1 cup Blanched hazelnuts (135g)
  • 200ml Coconut milk
  • 80ml Maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup (30g) raw cacao powder (I bought mine from Amazon here – it’s expensive but a bag will last a while!)
  • 1 Tablespoon vanilla powder or vanilla flavour


To make:

1. Bake your hazelnuts in the oven for 10 minutes.
2. Using a rolling pin and large bowl (or a food processor if you have one), crush the hazlenuts so they are smashed into small pieces – almost like a powder. ( Or you could just buy pre-chopped ones if you wanted too.)
3. Add all your ingredients to a blender or food processor and blend until smooth!
4. Store in your fridge and this should keep for a few weeks. Or eat immediately with fresh strawberries and bananas!

“It’s not the camera that takes the picture; it’s the person.” – David Bailey

This weekend I went to see Bailey’s Stardust at the National Portrait Gallery, it is definitely worth a visit if you have time to go before it ends at the beginning of June.
I love his fashion photography most of all, and have a soft spot for all of his photos of Queen Moss…
Warhol & David <3dogsman
^Man (sorry I have forgotten who) with dogs, one of my favourites!eastend
Bailey’s portraits of the East End were also a highlight of the exhibition, these huge ones were so good and there were plenty more! katemoss nelson
The Rolling Stones. km