Dubai pt. 3 – Sunsets and giant malls

dubhhsburjThe top photo was the only grey day in Dubai and it looked amazing, the desert looks very moody when it’s cloudy! The sunsets in Dubai are also amazing… I’ve never seen the sun so big. We went to watch the sun go down next to Burj Al Arab which was so nice.

Sunset is also when everyone appears to go hang out at the mall. You can go at 11pm and families are there eating fast food with their kids, toddlers and all. They must have the best lie ins every day. The malls in Dubai are insane, they literally have every shop EVER and huge ones at that. We went to the world’s biggest mall a couple of times (The Dubai Mall) which is where the Burj Khalifa (the world’s biggest building) sits too, and it is crazy big. There is also a comical fountain that dances (srsly check out this youtube to see what I mean) and everyone is so happy, it played the most ridiculous music too. Note: the Burj Khalifa is impossible to take a photo of, it’s genuinely too big! It really was incredible though, despite being bloody ridiculous.burjkal
Inside the mall…
horsemall fooodmm
Mall food and casual mall aquarium with sharks in, why not?mallfish mall
Walking back to Henry’s sisters flat…

5 Things I like this week – The ‘I’ve got fucking dry socket’ edition


Gotta say, I’ve had the worst few days ever, including the worst pain I’ve had in my life (and I’ve had pneumonia really bad before), I present to you my friends: wisdom tooth extraction, followed by the dreaded ‘dry socket’ (sexy I know). My jaw bone is on show to the world right now, and it fucking hurts.

Anyway I bought myself these glorious ASOS boots earlier when I got back from hospital to cheer myself up…  nothing like a bit of retail therapy when you damn well cannot afford it.

1. Topshop ‘MOM’ jeans in black – these are high waisted and thanks to Josie I may now need to go down to Oxford St to try these on, I hate wearing trousers because I have an internal monologue that tells me they make me look too short and chubs. I know, I know, such a girl. Anyway these look like a really good fit, and high waisted is a winner cause it makes short people look tall! Please note: it was only last week I said at work I wouldn’t be seen dead in ‘mom’ jeans.

2. Topshop Sasha cat eye sunglasses – Why do they sell these shades in the middle of winter? They are too good, if I don’t buy them now I fear they won’t exist come summer! But helloooo, it was hail stoning today and I ain’t Mary-Kate or Ashley : / and I’m not in DUBAI anymore.

3. The ASOS boots as mentioned above! I thought these were a good cheaper (not leather mind you, kind of a pet hate in boots..) version of The White Pepper Walker boot, but for like only £35 instead of £90. I hope they are nice IRL or I will cry while stuffing my face full of paracetamol, ibuprofen and clove oil.

4. Marc Jacobs Baker leather watch – Omg I did buy this. I was obsessed with it for weeks and had to get it…. it’s so beautiful in real life and I’ll wear it every day forever and ever! January is a terrible month isn’t it?

5. Silver hoop earrings from Claires – Don’t think I’ve been there since I was about 13 but hey, I just remembered I had my ears pierced after watching some shitty Channel 4 documentary about people who regret body mods and kind of got the urge to wear some small hoops?

P.S I totally have loads more Dubai pictures to come, but have been way too dead to even think about it.

Hello, my name is Paul Smith

This weekend I visited the ‘Hello, my name is Paul Smith’ exhibition which is currently showing at the Design Museum. I would highly recommend you go and see this if you can, it’s been extended because it’s so popular. I’ve never been hugely into Paul Smith’s clothes, but I love his taste and have seen photos of his studio before. This exhibition really takes you into Paul’s world and takes you into his present, his past, and his humble beginnings in Nottingham with his afghan hound dog! It’s a visual treat and full of lots of lovely interesting images and photos. It’s a very beautiful display of colour! Also the pinks. Omg. I wish i’d taken my SLR!
image_3 image_7 image_8 image_9
girl image_10 image_12 image_13

5 Things I like this week – Cotton candy


I feel like such a girl, I’m really obsessed with pink at the moment. Or maybe i’m just a horrible cliche seeing as it seems to be ‘on trend’ right now, I can’t believe I said that, ew. Anyway here are 5 things I like this week!

1. MSGM | Unisex Jumping Horse Printed Cotton Sweatshirt – It was from Browns when I found it online, but seems to not be on there anymore. Helpful, I know. It’s such a good colour and horses for the win. I’ve been wearing so many sweatshirts this winter, they’re just so comfy!

2. Pink leather purse from Kate Spade – When I grow up and become a proper ‘lady’ I should probably own a purse like this.

3. L’oreal Iced Latte eyeshadow – I am currently trying to hunt this down IRL after spotting it on Pinterest. The giant Boots at Liverpool street failed me! Next.

4. Silver wishbone necklace from My Flash Trash – It’s £97, but it is silver. I think it’s pretty classic actually.

5. Black leather Enter boots from Windsor Smith – Omg first of all, I love this aussie brand after discovering them from How Two Live I want all their fucking shoes! These boots are so beaut. If I can justify them soon, I will.