Dubai pt. 2 – Desert sand dunes!

My friend Danny drove us into the desert just outside of the city, it was actually amazing! It never rains in Dubai really, but this day it was quite gloomy and raining a tiny bit. It felt very surreal. On the drive down, there are so many little local stores which are incredible, all selling amazing snacks (please take note: if you ever go to the UAE, buy salad chips, they are THE BEST!) We stopped off and got some good stuff for the car journey and when we got there we walked around and watched lots of people riding bikes on the dunes!

bin head hhhhhh mesand
I love that there are UAE flags everywhere!uaesuper
This supermarket almost rivals my local in Hoxton which is called ‘Yours best supermarket’…uaeeee dubazThe drive back home!

Dubai – Beach and Palm Islands times

Over New Year’s I went on holiday to Dubai. Henry (my boyfriend) grew up there as his parents taught English in a school. Over the past 2+ years I had heard lots about it but never been, until now! …And it was completely different to how I imagined. I really honestly thought I wouldn’t like it there much but I LOVED it. It’s really hard to actually imagine what it’s like without seeing it. It’s not as ridiculous and weird as it seems. There are a lot of ‘big’ things, but then everything is very spaced out so it feels not as big. Also you have to get taxi’s EVERYWHERE. The vibes are really friendly and I felt like it’s a pretty positive place. It is technically winter there at the moment, however that means temperatures of around 24 which was perfect. Here are some pictures I took at the beaches we went to, one of which was on The Palm!


Mega girl crush – How Two Live

I discovered the twins of How Two Live on Instagram a few months ago, I completely love their style. How Two Live are two twin girls from Australia who have a super bright fun taste in clothes, their outfits just make me want to draw them! I have also been stalking the beautiful shoes from Windsor Smith because of them. Want, so, many, shoes!

how2live twolive h2l
howtwolive1 h2lbracelet h2lcoat
All photos from How Two Live’s instagram account here.

5 things I like this week – Desert edition!


So at the end of the week I am flying to Dubai, to ride camels and swim in sand..
It’s hard trying to plan what to wear when it’s bloody freezing here and I’m not very good at summer clothes even in England.
Here are five things I think could be useful in 24 degree + heat.

1. Dinosaur backpack from Topman – I’ve never flown more than 5 hours before, so never take much on a plane with me. This time I’ll be taking my laptop and other bits so think I need to buy a bigger rucksack than what I have! If I can find this one before Friday, it’s mine!

2. Bird print 50’s high waisted bikini from Topshop – I love this. I’m too short for those huge pants but if I was taller I so would.

3. Sunglases from Minkpink on ASOS –  PERFECT SUNGLASSES. I did just buy these so couldn’t justify another £30+ on more… Summer though..

4. Alfred boots from ASOS – I was stalking these for weeks but was iffy about paying £50+ for non leather boots. They went in the sale though, so I caved! They’re so nice IRL but fucking hell hard to keep clean. I wore them once and i’ve already had them in the kitchen sink scrubbing the white bit to death. Hopefully much better suited to the desert!

5. King of the jungle smock dress from Minkpink at Urban Outfitters – If I can find this tomorrow in the sale it shall be mine! Well, as long as the material isn’t the annoying static-y material Urban Outfitters usually likes to stock (anyone else refuse to buy clothes that just STICK TO YOUR LEGS?!) major pet hate. Anyway, it seems Minkpink do sunglasses and dress’ and I only just realized they are a pretty cool summery Australian brand. I shall keep on eye on this brand for summer!

Recent woofers

zola copygracie copy kimbafreddy
Here are some recent dawgs i’ve drawn. You can see more of Freddy on Josie’s awesome blog here, the girls got style!