Summer is here! – Recent Instagrams

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♥ BBQ’s! ♥ Homemade sprinkler action, to keep cool. ♥ My bedroom toys ♥ Jelly shoes, the adult way to dress for summer. ♥ Ice cream books at work, our boss bought an ice cream maker! ♥ Frozen yogurt. I’m totally obsessed with it. ♥ Shoreditch park on the evening. ♥

5 things I like this week

5things1. Beautiful colours contrasted with wood necklace from Marimekko. Would look so good with a plain jersey dress in the sun.

2. Silk dog scarf from Nathalie Lete

3. Sunnies with blue lenses. From Jeepers Peepers.

4. “They look like bananas” as my boyfriend said, shoes from Topshop. I love them. They’re kind of hideous but I can’t stop thinking about them…

5. Cool and pretty for the burnin’ heat, sleeveless shirt dress from COS.