The Bling Ring
The-Bling-Ring-03-V_12Jun13_pr_bI am SO excited for The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola to be released in the UK, I actually cannot wait! In preparation I’m about to start reading this book based on the real ‘Bling Ring’.

The original Bling Ring were a group of (fairly well off) teenagers from California who burgled celebrities houses including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom by using methods such as entering through a DOG FLAP, ha ha!

On the Paris Hilton robbery:

“They went up to the front door and tried ringing the doorbell to see if anyone was there. They discovered a key under the doormat, but then realized it wasn’t needed because the door was unlocked.”

You really couldn’t make this shit up, it’s such a good story and I can’t wait to see Coppola’s take on it, she’s one of my favourite filmmakers of all time. Also, Emma Watson looks amazing in this, she really suits the bling look!

“Coppola offers no obvious views on our celebrity-obsessed youth culture. Does she hate their vapidity or not? Whose fault is their brazen materialism – their parents or their surroundings? And who are the real victims here? Coppola refuses to say. But the fact that Paris Hilton loaned her house to the crew for filming only adds to the ambiguity at the heart of the film. Moreover, as with all Coppola’s films, her band of burglars are so effortlessly stylish and impeccably well-dressed you can’t help but near envy their brazen greed.” – The Culture Edit, Vogue.

Read the full review here.

Ahh I’m so excited!bryAnd watch the trailer!

What I wore… for twenty four!

It was my birthday on Sunday (June 9th) and I had lots of fun drinking and eating delicious pizza. Here was my first outfit of 24.

Dress and cardigan: H&M // Jelly shoes: JuJu // Socks: Topshop // Sunglasses: from Brick Lane market // Watch: Urban Outfitters // Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC.

I was also gifted this amazing Tatty Divine brooch, which I quickly added to my outfit. It’s the most perfect thing ever (dogs on wheels are my favourite things in the world)!


Five things I like this week


1. Blue JuJu jelly shoes! – I have these in glitter but pretty much want them in every other colour, they’re so comfy and go with a surprising amount of clothes! From Topshop.

2. Orange ankle socks – mm good colour. Goes perfectly with my other favourite colour at the moment (blue), from Cos

3. Lapin & Me sunshine baby lapin lamp! – What a perfect shade of yellow. I am scared of the dark so it would be perfect to sleep next to.. Buy here.

4. Light acid wash denim pinafore skirt – Love this, it’s mega cute and only £20. From River Island.

5. Bunting necklace from Tatty Divine. – Bunting is like the illustrators cliche, and maybe a bit twee at times.. but I think this necklace is a bit less twee than most bunting themed items!

24 and not much wisdom

I promise blogging will resume soon, I turned 24 at the weekend so was busy being spoilt. But at the same time one of my wisdom teeth (bottom right to be precise) decided to come through to say hai and infect me, and I have to say… pretty much the worst.pain.ever. Anti-biotics, painkillers and rest for me.

Cute ring, right? Don’t think mine looks like that though.


Reach for the dead


The new Boards of Canada album Tomorrow’s Harvest is being transmitted live tomorrow at 9pm UK time . I cannot wait! Lets hope the site doesn’t crash (a la MBV… festival tickets and every other thing like this in the world..). The album is being released officially June 10th. I’ve waited patiently for this, they are my favourite electronic artists of all time. Maybe I will see them live sometime…..

Here is one of my favourite Boards of Canada songs, June 9th. It is also the date of my birthday so I think it was meant to be.